Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Gluten Free and Whole Wheat options.....

Bakery style Chocolate Chip Cookies
Take these to a potluck and EVERYONE will ask for the recipe.....gluten free or not these are out of this world!!

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Don't worry there are both Gluten Free AND Whole Wheat options so this cookie will work for anyone!!
These cookies are the perfect cookie.......lightly crisp on the outside....nice and gooey on the inside!
My husband has had a rough few months at work and food has unfortunately become a comfort for both of us.......my weight has gone up and yet.....the comfort and seduction of chocolate has just been too strong!  This is one reason why I have started the Beck Diet Solution...in an effort to regain control of my dietary choices.
My husband took a pay cut to take this current job because they indicated that they would promote him to a sales position within the first year as my husband has 15 years sales experience!  Well, unfortunately due to very unfortunate circumstances he was passed over for the promotion and it has put us in an extremely difficult financial situation!
He came home after a difficult day at work and the only way I could  think of cheering him up was to make some amazing chocolate chip cookies!  I couldn't have even imagined how wonderful these cookies would turn out!
My daughter has been BEGGING me to let her review these cookies on the blog!  She keeps asking....when are you going to post about the cookies?  Well, I decided to hurry and get the recipe on the blog so she could post about them.
**Disclaimer:  These cookies will not take away your stressful or painful situations......but they certainly will help you drown your woes temporarily!
I want to make this cookie recipe so that everyone can enjoy it, whether gluten free or not so I have put whole wheat chocolate chip cookie adjustments for those who don't need to be gluten free.
K's Review of the Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hey y'all peaceful kitchen lovers! :)  These cookies were HEAVENLY!  These were the BEST cookies chef mom has ever made! :)  I only had 7 of them! :P
My husband said that these cookies were amazing for gluten free or otherwise and he actually HID them in the cupboard so he could sneak them off to work!  Yep, they were that good!
Gluten Free Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies
with a whole wheat cookie option.....

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Option

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