Friday, March 8, 2013

Chickpeas & Gluten free Dumplings

Delicious Hearty Chickpeas and Dumplings

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Homemade Miso based broth filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and garbanzo beans make this a wonderful soup for a cool Spring evening....the delicious gluten free dumplings make this an over-the-top delicious meal!

I made the mistake of taking this picture AFTER dinner........
The problem with that is that hubby and kiddos LOVED the dumplings and ate almost all the dumplings with a little bit of soup.  I should have known better and picked the best looking dumpling for the pic instead of letting them gobble them all up first......lesson learned.
You can see the little dumpling that was left in the middle of the picture so you can atleast get an idea.   I should be posting more in the upcoming weeks as my computer is functioning better thanks to my techy twin brothers.   It should be back to full working condition on Sunday, Horray!
It seems every few months or so I get this recipe block as I call it and I feel uninspired and can't think of anything I want to make and then BAM all the sudden it comes flooding back and I make tons of recipes at once...well this week has been a craze of recipe creation so it should be interesting over the next couple of weeks as I catch up on posting them.
The dumplings in this recipe turned out delicious and cooked really well.  I learned from my first gluten free dumpling mistake that you do NOT want to use garbanzo flour in dumplings or your whole soup will be bitter.  These were nice and light and cooked all the way through.  I know this was a success because my kids went back for seconds.  My son will eat anything marginally edible and love it which is nice because that makes me feel good when I make food but my daughter has very refined taste and it must be absolutely delicious or she won't hardly touch it......she went back for seconds on this one!
I would tag this as a very kid friendly recipe and you can adjust the 'heat' in this as your palate requires.  I always err on the side of mild in the recipe so you can play with it as you like.

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