Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fathers day chocolate waffle recipe, chocolate chip cookie bars and vegan chicken fried steak

The Latest Kitchen recipe Creations

We just moved across the country for the second time in one year and I have had a difficult time keeping up with the Peaceful Kitchen Blog. We also just opened a new health and fitness center so things have been very busy, but now that things have settled down I plan to keep up on the blog for all my customers and fans of The Peaceful Kitchen.

A lot of delicious food has been created over the past couple of months and I want to show you what you can expect in the upcoming recipe collections.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I have been mastering oil free baking over the last 6 months. It has taken awhile to mimic the crispy exterior and chewy interior of fatty baked goods without any oil. I have finally figured out how to do it and the result has been amazing.

I have had numerous requests for my cookies and the recipes for them. You will be thrilled with these new recipes and healthier as well.

Vegan Chicken Fried Steak

A couple of months ago, a family party was being held at my home and I was asked to cook the meal for everyone. The only vegans attending would be my immediate family.

I tried to come up with a meal that everyone would enjoy. We do not really eat meat substitutes but I knew that non-vegans would prefer to have a familiar food.

I do not have many recipes for meat substitutes so I decided to create my brothers favorite meal, chicken fried steak. It was quite a process, it is not an easy recipe but the result was fabulous!!!

Everyone raved over the dinner, my father even said if he had the money he would pay for me to open a restaurant! That is high praise coming from him.  Recipe will be in the upcoming recipe book!

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Chocolate Waffles with Bananas and Chocolate Sauce

Fathers Day Special

I don't recommend eating this for breakfast. In fact it is a far cry from the fruit or green smoothies that I have every morning. But for my chocolate loving husband I thought this would be the perfect 'breakfast in bed' food for fathers day.
These waffles were very moist and soft with a hint of chocolate flavor. My husband loved them, the kids loved them as well. This was one day in the year where they got dessert for breakfast.

Father's Day Special Chocolate Waffles
I created this recipe for my chocolate loving husband on Father's Day.   The kids LOVED the waffles and my husband enjoyed them as well, although they really are more of a dessert than a breakfast.  Enjoy!


Serving options: 
1/2 c. cocoa with 1/2  c. maple syrup combine and whisk until chocolate sauce is smooth.  Pour over waffles. 
Sliced banana
Sliced strawberries
Peanut butter

Raw Key Lime Pie

This recipe was created on request from a fan of The Peaceful Kitchen and a past student of mine. The color was a very light green which could easily be remedied with a touch of vitamineral green or Boku. This not my typical low fat, oil free type recipe but it was decadent and rich.

This is a great recipe that is more in line with my culinary training. I'm sure the raw fooders in my fan base will really enjoy this delicious recipe. The crust is very reminiscent of a typical pastry crust. Enjoy!!


That is a small sampling of the recipes coming up in the new recipe collections. In the next several weeks I will be posting the June, July and August recipe collections.

Exciting New Services From The Peaceful Kitchen

I am really excited to announce that in September I will begin posting videos of food demonstrations, answering your questions and health topics. Check back often for the new videos. Thank you for your support of The Peaceful Kitchen.