Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Consultations with Tandi

To give you a little background, in 2000 just after my daughter was born I was the highest weight I had ever been, I suffered with SEVERE emotional eating problems and my BMI was 31!  I was obese and very sick.  I began to lose weight using typical weight loss methods and it did work, so I 'thought' what I was doing was healthy until I completely lost my health in May of 2000.  At this point I had reached my high school weight and wore a size 4, everyone would have thought I was the picture of health!

Underneath the facade was anything BUT health.  I was ravaged with severe joint and muscle pain.  The daily fatigue was so debilitating even getting off the couch was difficult.  I had very clouded, foggy thinking and slurred speech.  I remember calling my Doctors office and the nurse told me to come in right that second because of how incoherent my thoughts were and how slurred my speech was.  

What followed this visit was an onslaught of tests that only turned up a positive ANA test, [anti-nuclear antibodies], they knew I had an auto-immune disease, just couldn't pin-point which one.  Thousands of dollars later, still no diagnosis.  I found some dietary changes that improved my health somewhat but after a couple of years I had three days where I could not get off the couch, my arms and legs were like 20 pound weights and my legs buckled out from under me when I tried to walk.  I was referred for an MRI to look for M.S.  Needless to say I never went in!  I enrolled in college and immersed myself in study for the next 8 years!  I have incorporated ALL that I have learned and I can now say, I am healthy.  I am a size 2, I run, SUP surf,  I do pilates, I have energy, I feel fantastic, in fact I feel better now than I ever have in my entire life!

I want to help YOU regain your health too!

$20 Basic Nutrition Consultation:

30 minute phone conversation to answer any pressing nutrition questions you may have.  I offer this as an affordable option so that anyone can receive the help they desire.  After payment you will receive a form to fill out and a schedule of available consultation times so you can choose a time that is convenient for you.  You should receive the forms within 24 hours.

$40 1 hour Nutrition Consultation:

1 hour to discuss your current diet, supplements, nutrition questions, health concerns and I will give you some guidelines and suggestions to help you fine-tune your nutrition to fit your individual needs.

After payment you will receive a form to fill out and a schedule of available appointments within 24 hours.

$150 Comprehensive Nutrition Evaluation

3-day analysis of your current diet and supplement intake
Initial 15 min. consult to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, what challenges you might want to overcome.
Follow up 1 hour consultation to help you fine-tune your eating habits, along with suggestions, answering your questions and discussing your particular needs.  I will explain physiologically what is happening in your body, why certain changes will help and I will make suggestions.
You will receive a follow up email with a list of suggestions and a review of everything we talked about.

After payment you will receive a form to fill out and a schedule of available appointments within 24 hours.

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