Friday, March 1, 2013

A Simple Yet Delicious Vegan Sheperd's Pie Recipe

Every Vegan Needs A Delicious Shepherd's Pie Recipe

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This delicious vegan Shepherd's pie features hearty lentils and vegetables in a thick vegan gravy topped off with rustic mashed potatoes baked to bubbly perfection.
I know what you are thinking.....every vegan Tom, Dick and Harry have a vegan Sheperd's pie recipe.  Well, that may be true but that didn't stop me from creating my own :-P
I love the fact that this Shepherd's Pie is extremely simple to make but it tastes fantastic.  My picky kids LOVED this and even my super picky daughter went back for seconds.  I must confess my family's favorite food of all time is mashed potatoes and gravy so the fact that this is a glorified version of mashed potatoes and gravy is certainly appealing to them.
I absolutely HATED Shepherd's pie as a kid!  Seriously, I was a picky kid and I did not like Shepherd's as an adult I have no idea why I didn't like it.  What's not to love?  Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort least they are in my adult world :-)
I called this a 'Rustic' Shepherds pie because I did not peel the potatoes so it looks Rustic to me.  I prefer not to peel potatoes because  you lose some nutritional value when you do so.  Just inside the skin of the potato is the potassium ring and when you peel the potato you lose this.  I do have to peel potatoes sometimes to appease my picky family including my hubby but most of the time I do not peel the potatoes.
There are a few steps, but it is very easy to cook the veggies, lentils and potatoes at the same time....Don't let all the steps scare you off, it is really easy.
I could certainly make or more 'traditional' style Shepherd's pie with seasoned tempeh and a more complicated recipe but who needs that.....who doesn't love a yummy dinner that can be made quick!  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Really nice recipe, thanks for posting it. I enjoyed it for my Easter meal. I used poultry seasoning in place of the sage parsley and rosemary which worked great. Thanks again!

Tandi Hartle said...

Anonymous- Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it.