Monday, February 25, 2013

A fun twist on an Italian Romesco recipe..........

Sweet Potato Smothered in Zesty Chickpea Romesco Sauce

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Rich, buttery roasted sweet potato smothered in a rich, creamy Italian romesco sauce.  This recipe came to mind because we have TONS of sweet potatoes and I needed to find a way to use them.  My family absolutely LOVED Italian food but I wanted to do something a little different than your traditional 'Pasta' dish.

The slight sweetness of the sweet potato perfectly compliments the sour/zesty flavor of the Romesco sauce perfectly!  I couldn't believe what a beautifuly compliment the flavors were.

I apologize that my posts have been  computer is dying a very slow and painful death....not for the computer but for ME!  It freezes up randomly and sometimes it lasts for hours on end which makes posting extremely difficult :-(

I am hoping we can get it fixed soon so I can resume posting on a regular basis.  The computer is having a good moment and so I hurried to post this amazing recipe!

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