Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simple, Moist, Delicious Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Homemade Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread Recipe

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If you have been looking for a Gluten Free bread recipe that has a beautiful moist, chewy texture look no further!!   This bread will satisfy the whole family.....the biggest problem with me making this bread is that my Gf daughter guards this bread and does not want my non-gf hubby or non-gf son to touch it even though they both love the bread too!

I must confess I am a BIG.....HUGE.....Cheater!  Yep, I admit it......when it comes to beautiful, soft glutenated rolls I can't help myself....I have some!!!  I know, I know the gluten police out there would probably think I had completely lost my mind but there you go, I eat gluten!

I guess it is easier for me because I had a biopsy that came back negative for celiac but I went gluten free because I was 89 pounds and VERY SICK!  I did regain my weight and feel better but I ate gluten again for 8 years with no negative effects and felt fantastic as well as maintained a healthy weight....I went gluten free again to support my daughter but I have found it very difficult.  I LOVE breads....they are my weakness and there are VERY, VERY few vegan gluten free breads on the market and vegan or not none of them even come close to qualifying as bread in my book!!

Gluten Free Bread is NOT Bread!!  It might look somewhat like bread but the similarities stop there.....YUCK!  Even the most popular ones are stiff and only work if toasted!  That isn't bread to me....I want a soft, moist, chewy bread and gluten free bread just isn't this way.

I set out to create my own and I'll tell you I had my share of abysmal failures!  I created a great recipe but it seemed it only turned out when I made it......when others tried it didn't work out the same....this was frustrating to me to say the least!

Finally!!!  Finally!!  A simple, easy, basic recipe that was absolutely delicious!!  My daughter ate 5 peices and I finally had to stop her so she didn't eat the whole loaf for lunch!!!  She loves it when I make bread because she can actually have something that IS bread and not some 3rd rate imposter!

We love this bread!!!

*****Disclaimer.....this bread turned out fantastic for me but I make no claims that you will have the same result....gluten free bread is fickle at best and you may have a different result but I hope this recipe will work as well for all as it does for me.

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