Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Valentines Day Dessert......

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bars with
Chocolate Chip Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

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Decadent...ooey....gooey Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bars with an AMAZING rich creamy chocolate chip raspberry swirl ice cream....the best do not need an ice cream maker!  

I have been MIA lately I know, I have missed blogging and recipe creating but honestly when I am stressed I cannot for the life of me think of recipe creations!  Seriously, I end up making baked potatoes and steamed veggies or rice and veggies every night because I honestly can't even think of anything better. 

I was working for a few weeks in a private school as an was very stressful.  There were many, many changes that needed to be made to the school and I felt overwhelmed but also felt that my hands were tied because of resistance from those over me.  It ended up that I left after a few weeks because the working relationships were just not there and it was an amazing decision for me!  The day after I left I felt the most peace I have felt in a long time.....

So, here I am back to blogging and I had my first successful recipe creation in a couple of weeks.....I know, I know how fitting that it is a dessert :-)  I love my desserts!

You will LOVE this is so decadent and rich!!  My family love VERY picky hubby gave this a 10! 

****This can be made gluten free or with whole wheat pastry flour so the recipe will work for anyone! 

I made chocolate chip cookie bar dough, spread it on the bottom, topped it with a delicious raspberry jam, then more chocolate chips and finished it off with more chocolate chip cookie bar dough!!  This is a quick, easy dessert but it tastes really fancy!

The ice cream is SO EASY....No ice cream maker needed!   I started with a frozen banana base and added walnuts to make it rich and creamy, a little almond milk, vanilla, stevia and viola  ice cream that will rival any rich creamy ice cream you love!  This ice cream is actually healthy and has NO added sugars of any kind!

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Gerbers said...

Tried it, loved it, will make again! Thank you!