Monday, January 28, 2013

The long awaited Sweet and Sour Soycurl Recipe....

Lost and then Found Sweet and Sour SoyCurl Recipe

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My kids LOVE Butler foods soycurls!  They are made from 100% Non-Gmo soy and the only ingredient in them is Whole Soy Beans!  
My kids also love anything in a sweet and sour sauce, however, most sweet and sour recipes contain A LOT of sugar!!!  In fact, they are WAY TOO sugary, many of the recipes would be too sweet for even a dessert for me.  I didn't want to create a dinner that had that much sugar and so I made this recipe with a very subtle sweet flavor.

This is a very quick, easy recipe but it certainly looks like you slaved away in the kitchen.  We served this we fried rice but you could serve it with brown rice or anything else you like on the side of your Asian dishes.

I have been very busy lately, I was hired to be an Administrator at a private school and I now work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays which doesn't sound like a lot but with all the planning of parent nights, activities, etc.... it is a ton of work.  I also serve in a pretty big way in my church and have a lot going on right now so my recipe creation has kind of taken a back seat along with all my other hobby's.

It has been very emotionally draining to work constantly, on some days I have not been home from 7:30am until 8pm at night!!!  It is a lot of stress to feel like your life has been hijacked and you somewhat lose yourself because everything that you enjoy in life goes out the window and you are just running non-stop.  I am hoping things will slow down a bit soon because I don't think I can keep up this pace for very long.  

This recipe was very popular on the Facebook page and then of course in all my busy-ness I LOST IT!!!  It took me weeks but finally when I was turning pages through one of my notebooks that I write recipes in....viola there it was!

I am happy to be able to post this recipe....finally!  I will also finish posting the rest of the recipes that people have requested on the blog but it may take me a few days.  Enjoy!


SuzyBear said...

I hope you see this - it's an old blog post.

How much Soy Curls, the whole bag, a cup, 2 cups?

Tandi Hartle said...

Sorry about is 1/2 bag.

SuzyBear said...

Thanks. That's what I usually use in various recipes but wanted to make sure.