Monday, January 21, 2013

Gluten free Cornbread and Dinner Rolls.....Mmmmm

Gluten-Free Cornbread Recipe

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When I was sitting at my desk trying to decide what to make for dinner this overwhelming craving for 'bread' came over me and I knew that I did not have time to make a yeasted bread......then I realized we could have soup and cornbread!  Perfect!

As a last minute idea this cornbread recipe had to be simple, yet, delicious! As you can see this gluten free cornbread has an excellent crumb to it, it baked up beautifully and tasted delicious with a hint of 'honey butter' that I made using earth balance.

I have been barely surviving through FREEZING temperatures for the last several fact, it has been at least 20 degrees below freezing for weeks now!  My body just does not handle the cold well at all and I end up shivering and freezing in the house with the heater on, space heaters, and the fireplace!  I am getting really tired of the cold.

I know people wonder why I live in such a cold climate and to be is because I don't have a choice.  Hubby has applied for BAZILLONS [okay maybe a little exaggeration]  of jobs outside of the state with no without a source of income anywhere else I am stuck.   If anyone knows of any good jobs in sales management, market analysis, or marketing director in any WARM non-desert state in the U.S. let me know!

So, back to the cornbread, when you are freezing your can off in frozen tundra wasteland :-)  yes, that is what I call the good ole state I live in....I realize there are colder places in the U.S. but this is colder than I can stand so...that's the nickname it gets :-)  When it's cold outside nothing says comfort food like hot soup and cornbread!

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

I have been seriously craving BREAD!!!  I think every gluten free individual goes through this.....frequently, well that is my opinion but how could you not?   Gluten free breads often leave much to be desired....the craving for that soft, stretchy texture of GLUTEN......oh what wouldn't we all give to sink our teeth into those delicious parker house dinner rolls......Mmmmmmmm

Okay, so as much as I'd like to tell you these are exactly like a gluten free version of a parker  house roll I must confess......I haven't replicated that texture yet.....but these are VERY soft and they do have a slight chewy texture to them.  They are not crumbly at all and they are NOT firm like most gluten free rolls either!

My non-gf hubby who is both a chocoholic and a bread afficianado liked these a lot!  That actually says something because he is VERY picky about his bread.  Most of the whole wheat breads I buy he doesn't like, he is extremely picky about his dinner rolls as well but he kept eating these and really enjoyed them so they definitely have his stamp of approval.

 I must confess, even though I am trying to lose the extra 10 pounds I gained over the holidays.....Ooops did I let that slip :-(

I ended up pigging out on these rolls and I did even put a hint of earth balance on them....they were nice and warm and the earth balance melted beautifully.....Mmmmmm nice hot rolls with melty 'butter' there is nothing better in the my world...except maybe chocolate, but its close.

These rolls REALLY hit the bread craving spot for me perfectly!

The best part about these rolls aside from the soft texture is they are EASY!

****You could make these Non-gluten free by using roughly 2 1/4 c. whole wheat pastry flour instead of the gluten free flours and remove the xanthan gum as well.  When you add the wheat flour make sure you only use enough for form a soft ball of dough and no more.....

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