Monday, January 7, 2013

A day in the life of healthy eating.....

My First Healthy Eating Day in Pictures and Recipes

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My morning started off with this delicious, creamy bowl of quinoa.  I created a little orange/vanilla/banana cream to top the quinoa and it was quite a hit with my picky daughter.   

I did not add any sweetener to this at all, I relied solely on the banana and orange for sweetness, if you like you can add a touch of stevia, maple syrup or another sweetener you like to taste.  I am striving to cut sweeteners out of my diet to reaclimate my taste buds to natural sweet from fruits.


Italian Potato Salad

This was a wonderful lunch and VERY filling!

I used creamy yukon gold potatoes, kale, and other vegetables smothered in my delicious Italian Dressing.   

***The Italian dressing is in my Zesty for Health Salad Dressing ebook in the store.

Delicious Fruited Salad and Italian Garbanzo Soup

This salad was simple green leaf lettuce, apple, orange, cucumber, red onion, pineapple topped with a creamy strawberry vinaigrette can find amazing dressing recipes in my Zesty for health salad dressing ebook.

I was contemplating posting the italian garbanzo soup recipe but when I asked hubby if it was blog worthy he hesitated and said.......y-e-a-h.  I questioned him and he said it was 'good' but not AMAZING!

Well, after hubby said that I am too embarrassed to post the recipe for my 'Okay' Italian garbanzo soup.  It was good, nothing spectacular but I am also doing 21 days of VERY Clean eating so I'm not exactly trying to make fattening, rich recipes at this time anyway.


Linda said...

Your breakfast looks wonderfully comforting! I'm so glad to see you posting healing recipes today.

Tandi Hartle said...

Thank you, it was a very comforting, yummy breakfast!