Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Ultimate Healthy Kid Friendly Meal

Kid Friendly.......Mom Approved

Gluten Free Vegan 'Chicken' Fingers and Honey Mustard Sauce

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This delicious Kid Friendly meal was a HUGE hit with my whole family!  The kids were thrilled when they saw the yummy breaded 'chicken' fingers and macaroni and cheese.  They were so excited, thanking me for making them an 'unhealthy' meal for once.

Shhhhhh..... I didn't tell them that it was actually healthy :-)  They had no idea they were eating vegetables, whole grains and legumes...hahaha.

*****Disclaimer:  Kids who are only used to eating junk food will probably not enjoy this at all!

I have to make that disclaimer because children who frequent McDonalds or who eat tons of frozen junk foods will not enjoy this at all.  These do not have the same texture as meat does so please don't expect this to taste like or have the texture of meat.

I do not like meat at all and do not try to perfectly mimic its texture or flavor for a reason!

These little seitan fingers don't have the texture of meat but they do have a delicious flavor and they are really fun to dip into honey mustard sauce!  My children don't eat junk food and so this was a really fun treat for them.  Healthy kids will have a lot of fun with this for sure!

K's Thoughts on the Seitan Fingers, Honey mustard sauce and mac & cheese

Hey guys!  I'm back again! :) This was an awesome kid-friendly dinner!  I LOVED it!  If it was my turn to make dinner this is probably what I would make! :) 

We are currently in the process of moving.....again!  I know we have moved 4 times in the last 4 years and hopefully someday we will be able to settle down and quit moving around so much.  I miss my home on 5 acres so much......  Hopefully someday we will be able to have something like that again :-)

Amongst all the moving and packing I am trying to keep up my recipe creating....I have a few cracker recipes that I will be posting pics of on the facebook page today.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the recipe creating for a bit longer but during the major transition I may not be able to so I might even do some posts on how to eat on the fly!  

I am really good at throwing things together or even eating from the grocery store whatever can  be made with a bowl and a spoon.  We have traveled a lot so I have a lot of experience with eating with very little available options.  It doesn't matter if you are in the middle of nowhere cowboy country, a vegan can always find something to eat!  I have done it!

Before moving on to the recipes I have a question to ask..........

How many of you would be interested in an Ebook on eradicating Candida?

I am considering writing an ebook for those who are struggling with candida because I know in our modern society it is such a HUGE problem.  There is a lot of information out there....most of which is NOT vegan and they almost make it seem as if a vegan cannot possibly rid themselves of candida but this is simply not true.  

If you want to be able to understand the facts from the myths I'd love to write an ebook and share recipes, herbs, and information about candida with you so you can rid yourself of candida the vegan way.

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Joni said...

These recipes look so good. I can not wait to try them. Also, I think an ebook about Candida would be awesome. Thanks for all the great info and recipes.