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A Hearty Vegan Breakfast.....'Eggs' Benedict and Hubby's Health Journey

Easter Morning Breakfast......
Vegan 'Eggs' Benedict

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Hubby and the kids absolutely LOVED this Hearty Vegan version of Eggs Benedict!  It took quite a bit of creativity to come up with the 'egg' part.  I wouldn't say that it perfectly mimics the taste or texture of eggs because it really doesn't but boy does it have a fantastic flavor all its own!

This was a very involved process so I would recommend saving this one for special occasions when you really want to wow the family with your culinary skills!  It really isn't a difficult recipe so don't let it scare you is just time consuming and has a lot of steps.  

My husband raved over this, the recipe made probably 10 'eggs' and he snacked on them all day long dipping them in the vegan hollandaise sauce!  Growing up his family were HUGE egg eaters and his parents still eat them a lot....and then wonder why they have elevated cholesterol!  Unfortunately with his dad working in a hospital you would believe how nutrition illiterate they are and their health suffers immensely.  It is hard to watch but old habits die hard, and nutrition illiteracy runs deep.  

I am truly grateful because my husband did not get the Block Headed Stubbornness  that the rest of the family suffers from :-D   He is very respectful of me, he didn't become vegetarian overnight and he was very resistant to begin with but when I began teaching classes and doing nutrition research for my college classes and started sharing information with him he listened and he started he changed his health improved so much he couldn't deny the benefits of plant based eating.....

It took him 4 1/2 years but eventually he committed to a vegetarian lifestyle and it has really been a blessing for him and me ;-)   

Hubby's Health Background and Transformation

Hubby with adorable K when she was 3 years old!

He was eating at the local fast food joint every single day for lunch:

Double Cheeseburger
Large order Fries
Dr. Pepper
Oreo Cookie Dough Shake

Yep, I was eating a raw food vegan diet at the time and this is what hubby was eating everyday.  At home he would eat cereal for breakfast and for dinner he ate what I fixed so he was getting something healthy for dinner but even with that.....his health suffered.

  • Migraines 2-3 times per week that were so severe he would literally throw up from the pain
  • Severe back pain...he was taking 6-10 advil per day
  • H. Pylori and ulcers he went 3 weeks living on potato rolls and grape juice because of this at one point
  • He was about 40 pounds overweight
  • He couldn't lift anything without injuring his back
I had to rush home from the grocery store one day because he had lifted a filing cabinet earlier that day and it hurt his back.....later he ended up on the floor of our garage in so much pain he couldn't move.  Finally I convinced him to just try eating was worth a try.

Hubby on a Plant-Based Diet
Competed on the Toyota Engines of Change Triathlon Team
Completed the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon!!!

  • Back pain was significantly reduced
  • Hubby trained 2+ hours a day running, biking, swimming and hiking
  • Migraines gone!
  • He weighed 129 pounds and was very fit!

What did he eat?

Breakfast was usually a green smoothie, oatmeal or a whole grain cereal with soymilk

Lunch:  tomato avocado sandwiches on whole wheat bread, veggies and hummus, whole grain crackers

Dinners were full of veggies & brown rice or whole wheat pasta dishes etc...

Finally hubby believed me that he could be healthy and fit if he would just change his diet!

A plant-based diet is very powerful!!  Most people do not realize that it can even have an amazing effect on migraines, ulcers and a host of other health problems!  

Now on to our Hearty Breakfast Recipe......

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thevegetariancenterblog said...

Eggs Benedict would have to be my all time favorite breakfast...I do have a vegetarian version usually, but I'm going to have a play around with your recipe - this sounds like fun and I'm always on the lookout for vegan alternatives. Thanks - Jane.