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All You Can Eat Vegan Whole Grain Cupcake Birthday Party

Whole Grain Vegan Cake Recipes in Vanilla & Chocolate

The Smore Cupcake

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 I generally post Gluten Free recipes but today I have two delicious whole wheat cake recipes for my non-gluten free readers!  I know I just recently posted about my birthday......but interestingly enough three days after my birthday is my sons birthday!

These cupcakes were a hit with family & friends.  I even took them to the family party on Sunday and my whole extended family enjoyed these fun cupcakes!

****Warning:  These cake recipes are not my usual 'healthy' recipes.  These are vegan cakes and I have reduced the oil as much as possible but to preserve the traditional taste and texture of the cake the recipes do contain turbinado sugar and some oil!

Family Birthday Tradition

Every year on the kids birthday they can choose what they want for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner......and I also let them choose their own cake flavor.

They really enjoy being able to eat their favorite foods on their birthday.  It generally isn't the healthiest food, but this year when my son ordered chocolate chip pancakes I made them with whole wheat pastry flour so other than the chocolate chips they were quite healthy pancakes. :-)

Even though they usually choose less than healthy things for their birthday foods I generally find ways to add in some greens, whole grains, legumes or other things in there.  

The Sneaky Mom

My daughter always gets frustrated when she finds out what I sneak into her food.  She was thoroughly enjoying some chocolate sauce on her strawberries for dessert last night......little did she know I added pea protein and chia to her chocolate sauce ;-)  

I have added beets to her strawberry smoothies, carob and greens to her chocolate mint smoothies.  I usually tell her when she is half finished and she always says: "Mom that's gross"   

I remind her that she has been heartily downing the yummy concoction and she continues to drink it while complaining about what I sneak in her food.  In fact, one day when I promised to make her some banana ice cream she stood in the kitchen and said, "I am going to watch everything you put in my banana ice cream so you don't put anything funny in it."   

Once you learn how to disguise veggies and other things in food it is fun to watch your children enjoy eating something they don't know is healthy. 

All you can eat cupcakes!!!
The Vegan Boston Cream Twinkie

Anyone who knows my son is absolutely NOT surprised that he wanted an all you can eat cupcake party.  My son can EAT and eat and eat and eat and he LOVES food!  I know people think it is funny that I at 4' 11" tall have a 10 year old [now 11] son who is already 5' 2" 1/2 and weighs  120 pounds!  Yep, he is a BIG boy and literally growing like a weed.  He grew 1 1/2 inches in the last 3 months!

Who says vegan kids are skinny and scrawny?  My son certainly isn't.   So of course for his All you can eat cupcake party I created three different cupcake flavors for him......he chose the flavors and I created them. 

The Last All you Can Eat Cupcake Creation......

The Peppermint Patty Cupcake

I realize this one isn't as pretty as the the time I got to this one the cupcakes had just come out of the oven and I was racing to decorate them and clean up before the birthday party began..  Icing cupcakes when they are hot just doesn't work very well....but I did what I had to do!

This is the chocolate cake recipe, topped with mint icing and chooclate ganache!  

Cake Decorating

I created a delicious vegan pastry cream to fill the twinkies with and topped it with a homemade chocolate ganache made from dark chocolate chips and soy or almond milk.  

The icings are just your normal buttercream icings:  I made them with earth balance, organic powdered sugar, vanilla, soymilk.  I didn't make them healthy as it was just a crowd of 10 and 11 year old boys eating them :-)  

Pipe on the icing however you like or just smear it tastes the same.


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