Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Excuses..........

I Can't Eat Healthy......I Love To Go Out To Eat!

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Yes you Can!
Last week I attended a Women's Conference Thursday from 8am to 10:30 pm and Friday 8am to 5:30 pm.  I did not plan ahead, I attended determined to prove that you can find food anywhere you go! 
The Campus we were on had a steakhouse style restaurant but they were ONLY serving a buffet style because of the 20,000 women or so attending the needed to be fast.   So what is a plant-based eater to do?
It was quite simple actually, we asked about the food on the buffet and they had plenty, they told us to just load up our plates with whatever we wanted of the food offered.  As you can see I had corn, potatoes, mixed fruit, salad, and two whole wheat rolls [no butter]
This is probably one of the most restrictive places you could possibly go, there were NO other options available other than what was on the buffet.  If I can find something to eat in this situation you can find something ANYWHERE!  No Excuses!
The biggest excuse I hear from people is that they love to go out to eat.......well guess what....SO DO I!
Just ask my husband, I love to go out to eat, but I do not let my healthy lifestyle deter me one bit from enjoying a night out.   It is absolutely possible to get a healthy meal, sometimes you have to ask for something special but no matter what you can find something. 
If you want to be an excusitarian you can find an excuse for anything!  If you want results and you want good health, you will find  a way!
I enjoyed this meal, ,we also found a Costa Vida place near by and I had a veggie salad for lunch on the second day.  On the first day we were running from class to class and grabbed a salad and a roll from another quick buffet place.  It was a lovely spinach and fruit salad with a roll, nothing fancy but it hit the spot until we could get dinner later.
It has been a busy couple of weeks and I know I have neglected posting on facebook and the blog but I have some things to post in the next few days or so.  We are eating very simply but I think many people appreciate simple but delicious meals. 

No Excuses!

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