Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eating While Homeless............

Creating Recipes while Homeless

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Delicious, thin chocolate cookies filled with homemade vanilla ice cream....It is made with a cashew cream base.

Okay so we aren't technically homeless as in living on the street......however we have been alternating living out of hotels and at my parents house.  All four of us staying in a 10X10 bedroom!  We have been doing this for about 2 weeks now and I am praying we will be able to find a home SOON!

Unfortunately I do not have the recipes for this mom came up with the idea and I just quickly created it on the fly.  We even froze these wrapped in saran wrap and they were equally good several days later.   When we get settled I will take the time to recreate these delicious little ice cream sandwiches and post the recipe for those who are interested.

Dairy Free Sour Cream Enchiladas

You'll have to excuse my cell phone is all I have right now until we can dig my SLR camera out of the storage shed.  I made these at my mom's house on Monday night, they were really yummy!  I made them extra saucy smothered with TONS of my yummy cheese sauce!

Again, no recipe for this one, I have been cooking for 8 people every night we have stayed at my mom's and so I am just throwing things together quickly to get dinner done before everyone gets home from work but I promise when I get settled I will post a recipe for this one too!

Life has just been crazy, we have stayed in hotels, stayed at my parents.....we even considered staying in my brother in laws camping trailer until we could find a place to live.  It has been hard to create recipes and post on the blog while we have been so transient.  You'd think finding a place to live would be easy but rent prices have SKYROCKETED in our state and it is near impossible to find a nice place for a decent price...most places in our price range are in the ghetto and we just don't want to put our kids in a dangerous area.

You could buy a house here for WAY less than you can rent for so it makes finding a rental difficult.  Yes, I'd love to buy a house but due to a business loss three years ago we just can't buy a house yet so we get to pay the high rent prices.  We've noticed that rent is about 30% more than your payment would be if you bought the same house!  

So here we are looking for a SAFE neighborhood for our children with decent rent and of course the fact that we have two little doggies doesn't  help either!  So until we can get settled I may be posting more tips on eating out, preparing food with few resources etc.....

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