Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Decadence Recipe

Chocolate Decadence Recipe

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I must apologize for the poor photo, all my belongings have been in a storage shed for over two weeks and so this is a cell phone picture....

Decadent is the PERFECT word for this dessert....creamy, rich, smooth chocolate heaven!   My husband has a favorite restaurant that he goes to frequently because they have really good veggie sandwiches and he always orders their chocolate decadence.....hubby is vegetarian so he does eat desserts with dairy or eggs at times....

He absolutely LOVES this dessert and so I set out to make a vegan version of this very popular chocolate lovers dessert.  The photo above is before the decadence had been chilled long enough, my family could NOT wait to eat it and so we ate it while it was still warm and the strawberry ice cream was melting quickly on top of it.

Hubby really enjoyed the dessert but it wasn't until he snuck back into the kitchen to get some more hours later that he started raving that this was every bit as good as his favorite restaurants chocolate decadence.....SCORE!

We are still living in the 10X10 room at my parents house......I cannot believe how absolutely frustrating finding a home to rent is.  We found a wonderful home in an area we loved and submitted an application...we were the FIRST ones to submit an application and then we find out they are going to 'collect' applications for four days and then just pick one....much to our dismay, we were not chosen.

We continue to call on homes only to have them rent before we even have time to make an appointment to see it or we have to sit and wait for them to collect applications and of course we are never chosen and end up back at square one.   It has been very emotionally draining....I hope we find a home soon.  Unfortunately while I continue to try and find a home my recipe creation will be hindered and my photos will be on a cell phone so hopefully you can bear with me until I can get settled.


mamaof3 said...

Hay there Im Kate and I am sorry that you guys are having such a hard time finding a place to live! I will pray for you! Btw I love your blog and I have made your cheese sauce so many times! We even have friends who are not eating plant based like us that like it! Go figure! Can you give me any suggestions on losing weight? I have only lost 10lbs and cant seem to lose any more. Thanks!

Tandi Hartle said...

Kate, I am so glad you enjoy the blog and thank you so much for the prayers! The last 10 pounds is unfortunately the hardest, for me that is where I really have to be careful to only eat until I'm satisfied and not full, avoid oils and reduce intake of high fat foods like nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut etc... I generally stick with whole foods like brown rice, potatoes, quinoa etc... and reduce my intake of breads and baked goods. Hopefully that helps you a bit.