Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vegan Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Recipes

 Vegan & Gluten Free
Christmas Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Gluten Free Dark Gingerbread Cookies
Gluten Free Almond Vanilla Bon Bon Cookies

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I have been busy in the kitchen creating a wide variety of Holiday recipes from Thanksgiving dishes, Breakfasts for a crowd and of course Christmas cookies!  These cookies turned out wonderfully and my family truly enjoyed all of them.   These cookies were all extremely popular when I posted the pictures on facebook and people were begging for the recipes and so I am posting them here on the blog.
I was actually SHOCKED when my husband called the Almond Vanilla Bon Bon cookies:
Chocolate Heaven and said he'd rather eat these than chocolate chip cookies any day!

To a normal person that may not seem like a big deal, but my husband is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster through and through!  Nobody messes with his chocolate chip cookies, they have been his favorite dessert for most of the 20 years of I have known him other than maybe a few chocolate cheesecakes that have really won him over so I was very happy with the result of these little cookies!!

I have to admit that I struggle with my addiction to sugar, I know I need to quit eating the stuff and I've come a long way using more brown rice syrup, stevia and natural sweeteners but even still, too much is too much.  However, over the holidays I just enjoy baking and have a wonderful time creating in the kitchen and I just have absolutely no desire to give up on enjoying some of my Christmas candies and cookies!

My kids had so much fun decorating the little gingerbread bears we made!!!
 Hubby was on my Naughty list that night though!

I was busy mixing up this wonderful batch of rich, dark gingerbread and asked him to pick up a few things from the store....including a gingerbread man cookie cutter!   So what happens, 10 minutes later when he gets to the store......He Forgets!  Seriously?  Here I am with this beautiful gingerbread cookie dough and no cookie cutter!

We had to improvise......hearts and cupids....nope......leaves and acorns......not gonna work!!

I do have candy canes and an angel, however the angel has such tiny sections that the cookie dough always tears and they look terrible!  So we finally settled on the teddy bear!  They were little cookies but they were yummy and very cute!

What can I say about chocolate crinkle cookies, they are just YUMMY!  They are my daughters favorite so she was thrilled the night I made them.  I made a small recipe though so there weren't many to go around.  Since I have been making desserts every night I figured I needed to make SMALL batches so nobody end up on a binging frenzy and ends up with a tummy ache!

*** I cannot find the gingerbread recipe!!!   If you want the recipe I will post it as soon as I find it, just post in the comments below to let me know if you want it.  Thanks.

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Found!!!

This little cookies are very DARK and RICH gingerbread, the flavor is NOT light so be aware of that.  If you want you can reduce the spices if you like more bland gingerbread.  My kids LOVED these and they have sensitive palates.

Gingerbread Cookies
Delicious!  Dark and rich

Almond Vanilla Bon Bon Cookie


You can add almond extract 
Make orange cookies with 1 tsp. orange zest and 1/2 tsp. orange extract
Make Cherry vanilla add 2/3 c. chopped dried cherries, 1 tsp. cherry extract and make a red cherry icing


Tracy said...

I would love your gingerbread recipe!

momasdoctor said...

It doesn't look like my comment went through, but I would love your gingerbread cookie recipe!

Tandi Hartle said...

gingerbread recipe is up, hope you enjoy it!

Unknown said...

Would mollasses work in place of the brown rice syrup?

raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen said...

The vanilla almond cookies sound great! I too am a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, so I trust your husband's opinion! : )

I also feel the same way about sugar. I am really conscious about it because I know how quickly I get hooked, but the holidays are just too special to get caught up in constant worry. I always find my way back on track after the new year!

Tandi Hartle said...

Molasses cannot substitute for brown rice syrup, molasses has a VERY strong flavor and only works in recipes that call for it, if you add more to a recipe that already has it, it's flavor will overpower the cookie. You can use maple syrup, honey, agave or other liquid sweeteners in place of brown rice syrup.

Scrumptious said...

All those cookies look so yummy! I'd like to make the chocolate crinkle ones and have two questions for you. How many does the recipe posted here make? You said you made a small batch, I wasn't sure if you had halved this recipe or if this will make just a few cookies. I'm also wondering if I can substitute more sugar for stevia? I admire your moving away from it, but I really don't like the taste. Do you know how much sugar I would use instead? Thanks!

Tandi Hartle said...

Scrumptious - You cannot taste the stevia at all, I don't like the flavor either but I have found if you mix it with some sugar you can't taste it at all. If you are really nervous about it you could add a couple extra Tb. of turbinado but realize if you add much more than that it will change the whole dynamic of the recipe as far as the balance of wet and dry ingredients. The cookies were quite sweet so removing the stevia and adding a couple Tb. of turbinado should work fine. This recipe makes roughly 10 cookies about 2" in diameter. Hopefully that helps. Enjoy.