Friday, November 23, 2012

Tex-Mex Tempeh Sausage and Hashbrown Bake

Excellent Holiday Brunch Recipe to feed a crowd!

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Rich and creamy Tex-Mex inspired brunch recipe featuring frozen hashbrowns, tempeh sausage, veggies and a delicious nacho cheese to top it all off.  

If you will be having a large gathering of family and friends to feed on a busy morning this brunch recipe is quick, easy and cheap!

I created this recipe the day before Thanksgiving, I was just in the recipe creating, cooking mood and I made this. My kids had it for lunch.....and dinner!  My family really enjoyed this and the kids didn't even complain about eating it twice in one day.

The day before Thanksgiving is always a very busy day for me, I generally cook an entire Thanksgiving meal for either just my little family or when we do Thanksgiving on my side of the family I do the cooking for them all.  Don't get me wrong I love doing it and I REALLY love watching everyone enjoy the food I have lovingly prepared for them.

This year people were RAVING over my food not knowing it was the vegan food!!

I really enjoyed having people ask "Who made this?"  and I even had a couple ask for recipes!  

That made my day!

I am posting the recipe because it was very popular on the Facebook page.  

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