Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chickpea Cutlets over roasted bell pepper wild rice and Roasted Garlic Alfredo Cream Sauce

Gluten Free Seitan-style Chickpea Cutlets Served with Roasted bell pepper wild rice and Roasted Garlic Alfredo Cream Sauce

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Savory thyme infused wild rice with roasted red bell pepper and sauteed onion and mushrooms topped with crispy delicious gluten free seitan-style chickpea cutlets and a rich and creamy roasted garlic Alfredo cream  sauce.

I am sure you are wondering why I am posting another recipe......I'm supposed to be on a sabbatical from blogging for an undetermined amount of time......  Well, I am posting this recipe due to popular demand and in honor of sharing a delicious recipe that would be the perfect feature dish for a Peaceful Thanksgiving!

Holiday Recipe Creation Marathon

I decided to do a holiday recipe creation marathon, going through all my 'Traditional' recipe books like Betty Crocker and other holiday recipe books and creating Vegan versions of the holiday favorites featured in these recipe books.  I have been posting pictures of my creations on my facebook fan page

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As I have been posting my recipe creations they have been getting a lot of attention and people have been asking for the recipes.  I agreed that if there was enough interest in each recipe I would post it on my blog and this recipe got quite a bit of attention so I am posting it.

Here are some other recipes I've created over the last few days.....

This is the most AMAZING dessert, both my Mother and my Sister in Law called this HEAVENLY after one single bite!

It is a Gluten free dessert featuring a cookie bottom, an oil free homemade caramel center and a brownie top.  This is FAR beyond comfort food, this is just decadent rich indulgence at its best!
 This is a picture of the cookie/brownie caramel bars in the pan.  Ooooo the ooey gooey, fudgy caramel goodness!

Yep, they are gluten free but you'd never know it, and that delicious, rich caramel without oil......Oh yeah!
Okay, for a little healthy lunch before your holiday indulgence.

Sweet Miso Dressing

This was finger linking good, you could drink this stuff!  It has NO oil, NO nuts and is 100% delicious!  Turn your boring salad into Sweet delight!
Christmas Morning Cran-Berry French Toast

You cannot beat this for breakfast, it fills the kitchen with the most amazing Christmas smells.

The french toast is spiked with holiday spices and the cran-berry sauce is made with mixed berries and cranberries and has no refined sweeteners and also has a special holiday spice blend!

Blueberry Pomegranate Sparkler

If you are looking for a delicious alcohol-free, sugar free bubbly for your holiday parties, this is the drink for you!

I tested this on my hubby, kids, brother and his wife, and my parents.  

This drink caused my parents to fight like children!!!!  

Yep, it's that good.  You should have seen my parents literally FIGHTING over the glass when I served it to them.    This has NO added sugars of any kind, no honey, agave, maple syrup  NOTHING!!
You will not believe how delicious it is and how sparkly and bubbly it is.

NO it is not water kefir or fermented, although water kefir is also good.

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