Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vegan Whole Wheat Fathers Day Waffles

I realize that I create a lot of gluten free recipes, but not all of my family eats gluten hubby does not.  These are special vegan whole wheat waffles I made for him on his special day!  I didn't want to use my expensive flours to make him waffles when I could just use my inexpensive whole wheat flour. 

I really wanted to make belgian waffles, however, they take a long time to make so this is my super fast, super delicious whole wheat waffle recipe.  I got up early Sunday morning and we ended up being a tad late for church because I spent my morning making waffles instead of doing my  makeup and hair for church.  All in all everything was fine, we made it in our seats in time for the kiddos to practice their song for fathers day and my husband had a wonderful day, of course it was only wonderful because of my delicious waffles ;-D

Maybe not, but these waffles are delicious!  Top them with strawberries, raspberries or get a little crazy and pour chocolate syrup on them.  Enjoy.

If you want another take on vegan waffles check out this blog's waffle recipe: Vegan waffles with Blueberry Syrup

Do you have a chocoholic Dad?  So do we! if you want to indulge dad's chocolate addiction for his Fathers Day breakfast check out the 2009 Fathers Day Vegan Chocolate Waffle Recipe! 

Whole Wheat Vegan Waffle Recipe
***Recipe tip, do not use anything other than soymilk, the milk needs to curdle and soy is the only one that will do this right.

We always serve breakfast in bed, what special tradition do you have for fathers day?


Sarah the Writer said...

So, I'm not really into vegan food, but this recipe sounds easy and looks tasty! Never heard of earth balance, though. You probably can't substitute it, I'm guessing.

Stopping by from the voiceBoks Members to Remember event!

~Sarah the Writer

Miniveg said...

You can actually substitute for the earth balance with butter or margarine whatever you use. Thanks for visitng my blog.

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