Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blueberry Muffin Green Smoothie Recipe

As the weather warms up........FINALLY!  I kept telling my husband I am sick of living in frozen tundra wasteland.  In fact, even into May we were getting snow and my patience with the weather was wearing very thin. I know it seems ridiculous to  live in a cold climate when you despise cold weather, and well....it is.  But we came back to the freezing weather to be around family, however, I'm not sure how long that idea is going to  last. Anyway, on to the amazing recipe!  One of the things I cannot stand about green smoothie recipes is that most of them are, well, lets be  honest, DISGUSTING!

I have tried a TON of green smoothie recipes over the years, in fact for nearly 4 or 5 years I had a green smoothie every morning for breakfast so I guess I can consider myself fairly experienced in green smoothie making.  Every recipe I tried was either bitter or just plain nasty.  I'm sorry but who in their right mind wants to eat something that doesn't taste good?  I sure don't. I always made up my own green smoothie recipes because I wanted something I could enjoy, not choke down.

I realize that many raw foodists develop simple tastes and enjoy eating dandelion greens or a head of lettuce but that isn't going to cut it for the average person who is trying to move toward a healthier diet.  Part of eating is enjoying the flavor and texture of the food, it isn't just about getting in nutrients, it is also about the pleasure of eating.

Taste buds can change, and I get tired of hearing people complain about healthy food!  But this is about making healthy food taste great.  Green smoothies should taste great and a green smoothie can taste good with a little creativity.

Blueberry Muffin Green Smoothie
Perfect post workout smoothie!  DELICIOUS! Kids will LOVE this one!


Tyler,Beccah And Malakai Gerber said...

This is the best green smoothie I've ever had! You could make this for anyone and they would have NO idea it has spinach in it! Absolutely delicious!

Miniveg said...

Oh YAY, I am so glad you liked it, it is REALLY good!

Kevin and Janae said...

This is simply amazing!! The woman who created this smoothie is a genius!!! I love love love all of the recipes, I feel so healthy and complete whenever I eat the food from this website!! It's amazing!