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Raw Vegan Christmas Candy

Celebrate your Raw Vegan Christmas with these Delicious Raw Vegan Christmas Candies

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Featuring delicious Caramels, Coconut Fondant, Chocolate covered Caramel, Chocolate covered Coconut fondant, pecan log, Caramel covered Coconut Fondant and Chocolate covered dried cherries!!
These delectable candies are made with whole foods and have a delicious, rich flavor without being over powered by excess sugar like most traditional Christmas candies.  If you want to celebrate a healthier Christmas holiday but still want to indulge in delicious candies these Raw Vegan Candies will certainly satisfy your craving!

I have been snacking on these candies throughout the holidays and they are so satisfying and delicious!  In fact, I made a vegan coconut fondant with organic powdered sugar, earth balance and coconut and could hardly eat it because it was so sugary, this coconut fondant however has a perfect flavor without the sugar sickness!

I have been without an oven now for about a month and it will not be fixed in time for Christmas so I have been trying to celebrate with non-baked confections and meals.  So far it has been okay but I don't think my kids are going to ever want to eat rice or pasta again!  Well, that may not be entirely true, but I never thought my daughter would ever get sick of pasta, she LOVES it!

She has been complaining that she doesn't want to eat pasta anymore, she is actually sick of it.  It has been quite a challenge and in fact, most of our dinners have been quite boring.  Steamed veggies and rice or  quesadillas with my cheese sauce and a salad simply because I haven't wanted to make anything else with rice or pasta or try to create yet another stove-top meal.

I know you can make curry and soups but my kids can't stand spice so curry isn't a good option and you can get sick of soup too :-)

Anyway, these delicious candies have made the Christmas holiday a bit brighter without my FAVORITE thing of the year......Christmas Cookies!

Raw Vegan Caramel Recipe

Raw Vegan Candy Chocolate


How to make all the Raw Vegan Candies

Raw Vegan Chocolate covered caramels

Roll a small piece of caramel into a little ball, then flatten out a piece of chocolate in a 2 1/2 inch round and wrap it around the caramel.  Roll in your hands to make a uniform ball and then press a pecan half in the center if desired and then chill or leave out overnight to set.

Raw Vegan Pecan Log

Roll out a good size piece of the coconut fondant into a log, set aside.  Take a piece of the caramel and flatten it out in a rectangle shape that will easily wrap around your coconut fondant log.  Wrap the caramel around the coconut fondant and then roll in chopped pecans.


Just roll into a ball and then slightly flatten and top with a pecan half

Chocolate covered dried cherries

You can either just wrap the cherries alone, or roll 3 cherries in a ball with some coconut fondant and then cover with chocolate whatever you prefer.

I take 3 dried, unsweetened cherries and wrap them with chocolate or roll them in a ball with the coconut fondant and then wrap them with the chocolate.

You can be creative, add your favorite nuts to the coconut fondant or make Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtles by making a design with 3 pecan halves, press a ball of caramel on top of them and then wrap it with the chocolate.

Have fun making a HUGE variety of raw vegan candies with these recipes!!

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