Friday, December 21, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Fudge Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cherry Fudge Recipe

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Dark, rich and creamy fudge filled with dried cherries and coconut.  This is not your mama's fudge recipe!  I've never enjoyed fudge because it was sickeningly sweet, even for a kid who LOVED chocolate and dessert, fudge was, well.........disgusting!   I cannot understand who could stomach regular fudge, honestly it is so sugary you can't even taste the chocolate it induces and immediate sugar induced illness beyond all the sugar and candy of halloween in one bite!  

I decided to scrap the whole idea of trying to mimic traditional fudge and make my own delicious recipe without all that sugar!  I'm not saying this doesn't have some sugar but it is NOTHING compared to traditional fudge.   To me this fudge is actually enjoyable it has a delicious, rich chocolate flavor without being overpowered but milk or sugar.

I am still without an oven and so my holiday cookie recipe creation marathon had to be put on hold and it looks like now it'll have to wait until next year :-(

I did 'bake' some cookies in a skillet on the stove top just because I was craving cookies so bad I couldn't stand it....they turned out okay but nothing like a beautiful, crisp baked cookie.

I've been busy in the kitchen creating chocolate candies and raw desserts to keep up with my holiday recipe creation.  I just LOVE creating recipes during Christmas, even more than any other time of the year.  I hope you enjoy these two fudge recipes.

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