Monday, December 10, 2012

Healthy Nutella Recipe and the Exploding Oven

My Exploding Oven......

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As soon as I decide to do a Holiday recipe creation marathon what happens??????  My oven begins having small explosions!!!

I decided to stop using it after we started smelling gas in the LIVING room while it was heating up for my holiday baking and the next thing we knew......BOOM!!

We had an oven repairman come today and he confirmed to me that the oven WAS in fact having small explosions, it WAS dangerous and I should NOT use the oven until it could be fixed!!  :-(

The parts are being ordered to fix the oven but who knows when they will come in and when the oven will be fixed so my holiday recipe creation will be on hold......I am sad :-(  I was really enjoying all the recipe creation lately!

Anway, maybe in a week or so I will be back to baking Christmas cookies and creating Christmas eve dinner recipes or New Years creations but for now it will be fudge and other stovetop confections.

It is not ALL bad news because I have created a healthy version of Nutella!!

Healthy, Vegan Nutella Recipe

Have I ever mentioned my lack of photography skills?  Well, if not this picture will certainly expose the truth.

Anyway, this is a rich, decadent Nutella style recipe featuring dates as the primary sweetener, NO dairy, NO refined sugars, and NO refined palm oil as the original recipe is loaded with!!!

You can make this like a chunky peanut butter style spread or you can process it until it is beautifully spreadable and smooth!  

My mother-in-law try as she might often feeds my kiddos things I don't necessarily approve of while they are at her house and Nutella is one of those things.  If it is chocolate my kids don't ask questions......they just eat it.

They came home RAVING about the nutella at Grammy's house and wanted me to buy them some.....they were pretty sad when I told them I would not buy it because it was extremely unhealthy, but I would create a recipe for them that they could enjoy that was not loaded with WHITE SUGAR!

They were pleasantly surprised with this little recipe I came up with and said that it satisfied their craving for Nutella.....SCORE!!!

I'm thinking of coming up with some Gluten Free, Vegan Frosted Animal Cookies.......

Would anyone be interested in that soon as my oven is fixed????

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Gerbers said...

Thanks for the Nutella recipe! I would love a frosted animal crackers recipe!!!