Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ranch Chex Mix Recipe

Ranch Chex Mix Recipe

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What would the holidays be without Chex mix?  I have created this delicious, very flavorful cheesy ranch style chex mix.  This was a HUGE hit with my family, the kids couldn't stop eating it.  This recipe is definitely a kid friendly snack recipe.

You can change this recipe in a myriad of ways to suit your own taste

If you want to make this whole grain you can use wheat chex or another plain whole wheat cereal
You can use nuts and seeds
whole grain pretzels
whole wheat pita bread toasted
use your imagination..........

This post will be short and sweet because I just posted yesterday updating you on the christmas countdown recipes and why I am struggling with the cookie recipes......

Today, I'm just going to post this popular recipe for all your holiday parties or just for a fun snack all year round!

Ranch Chex Mix


Kelly@LeafyNotBeefy said...

This looks so good! I've always loved the ranch-flavored snacks, but never tried making any. Is miso necessary? Also, I have tahini - would that be an okay sub for the cashew butter? Thanks!!!

Tandi Hartle said...

The miso helps the seasonings stick without adding oil and it also gives a nice rich flavor but you could try it without I just worry the seasonings wouldn't stick to the cereal. Tahini may work although it is more bitter than cashew butter but you certainly could try it.