Friday, January 20, 2012

Vegan, Gluten Free Goldfish style Cracker Recipe

The Moment you've all been waiting for..........

The Vegan, Gluten Free Goldfish Style Cracker Recipe!!!

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 These little vegan goldfish style crackers have the perfect rich cheesy flavor that everyone absolutely adores in goldfish crackers.  If you LOVED goldfish crackers as a kid, or if your children absolutely love eating crackers as a snack you will definitely want to try this recipe! The recipe is very simple with few ingredients and very quick and easy to make.   My kids ate ALL the crackers in one sitting!! 

You will be absolutely amazed at the perfect flavor in these fun little crackers.  As you notice we did not make little goldfish as I did not have  away to easily cut  out goldfish, so I used my little teddy bear cookie cutter and made cheesy teddy bear crackers.  When I got sick of working with the crumbly dough trying to make perfect little bears I decided to cut them into Cheese Nib style crackers.  This turned out to be MUCH easier!

**I will give you full warning that this dough is NOT easy to work with!!  

The dough is crumbly and a pain in the neck to work with, however, the resulting crackers are WELL WORTH the effort.  Once the crackers have been baked they hold together very well. 

I know you are going to ask this question.......

Can I use Whole Wheat Flour Instead?
YES, you absolutely can use whole wheat flour.  If you do use whole wheat flour for the goldfish style crackers just make sure that you do not over-mix the dough or your crackers will be rubbery.

If you use whole wheat flour I would suggest whole wheat pastry flour and you may need to adjust the amount of flour in the recipe.  Add flour until it forms a ball of dough but do not over-mix!

I made a very small batch to start with because I did not know how they would turn out so this recipe only makes about 20 crackers.  Trust me, you will want to double the recipe....maybe even triple the recipe!


Sunflower said...

Do you think that I could substitute buckwheat flour for the brown rice flour? Thanks :)

Tandi said...

The buckwheat flour sold in health food stores that has a chalky, dark look will not work at all, if you ground your own raw hulled buckwheat it may, however, buckwheat gels when water is added and makes a very different consistency so I'm not sure it would give you the same result. Sorghum flour may work, a mixture of almond flour and millet flour but you need to use a flour that has similar properties so you can get a good result. Hopefully you can find something to work for you.