Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Mary's Mini Menu Post

The Final Post on my Mary's Mini Journey

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Breakfast Salad with Apple Cinnamon Dressing

I have recorded a 5 day journey of Mary's Mini weight loss diet menu and it has been quite a journey.  However, I don't want to bore my readers with the mundane menu's on this simple diet.  I hope you have been able to get a small glimpse into the simplicity of this 10 day program as well as some interesting menu ideas.  You can do the same thing no matter what starch you choose on the diet, you can roast potatoes in a BBQ sauce, or food process cauliflower into small 'rice' and make oil free fried rice with it, you can make delicious pasta with spaghetti squash or spiralize zucchini and put your favorite marinara on top, you can do so many things with this diet if you just use a little creativity. 

As my last post on this diet I wanted to let you know what my weight loss has been so far......

2.6 pounds weight loss in 5 days!!!

It really is a very easy, simple approach to weight loss, the key though to any weight loss program is to maintain that weight loss through continued diligence in maintaining a healthy lifestyle AND dealing with emotional triggers that inhibit weight loss.

I am not quitting on the program, I just want to move on to bigger and better things on the blog!!

With this last post I will be moving on to my next challenge........

Gluten free Goldfish crackers for my daughter

My neice came to stay with us overnight and she brought some goldfish crackers with her and it reminded my daughter of when she used to eat them....long before my journey into a plant-based diet and she begged me to make a vegan, gluten free version of them.  So that will be my next challenge, although I may end up posting a few recipes before hand if it takes me awhile to perfect.......

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