Monday, May 9, 2011

Vegan Black Bean Burger Recipe

Vegan, Gluten Free Black Bean Burger Recipe

This vegan black bean cheeseburger recipe was a hit with my family.  I wanted to create a delicious black bean burger with some texture.  Many black bean burger recipes end up being either crumbly or pastey.  The secret ingredient in this black bean burger recipe is brown rice crisp or corn flake cereal.  It gives an amazing texture to bean burgers that no other ingredient provides.

The second secret to making delicious bean burger recipes not over process the beans.  If you process the beans until they are pastey, you will end up with a horrible texture.  It will be more like eating a bean dip on your bun than a bean burger.  DO NOT over process your bean burger recipes!

This recipe combines several ingredients that offer a delicious flavor combination in this bean burger recipe.  Tamari, vegan worcestershire sauce and miso provide a rich flavor.  I know you will enjoy this bean burger recipe. 

My husband loves my vegan cheese sauce recipe.  We dip everything in the cheese sauce, broccoli, cauliflower, fries, crackers, you name it, it gets dipped in the cheese sauce recipe.  I decided to get creative and make a delicious vegan cheeseburger out of my famous cheese sauce recipe.  The result was a smashing success!

Try topping these amazing burgers with our famous Cheesey Sauce and adding a side of Ranch-style French Fries to go with this delicious burger!

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