Monday, May 23, 2011

Wheat free Chocolate Chip Coconut Cream Bar

These are delicious wheat free chocolate chip cookie bars!  They can be gluten free chocolate chip cookie bars by simply using certified gluten free oats.  I wanted to come up with a fun Sunday dessert and I found whatever ingredients were hanging around in my kitchen and this is what came out!  It is a rich dessert, however, if you are used to highly sugared normal desserts this wheat free chocolate chip cookie bar recipe may not be sugary enough for you.

I use about 1/3 or less sugar in my dessert recipes than most, I can't handle the high amount of sugar in most desserts, it is sickening to me.  So be aware that this is a delicious dessert but it does have a low sugar content.  Another tip **Do not overcook or the cookie bar will dry out!

If I were to properly name this dessert it would be wheat free, dairy free, vegan, oil free, low sugar chocolate chip coconut cream cookie bar recipe.  This is a low sugar cookie bar recipe but it certainly does not sacrifice any flavor.  It is also an oil free dessert recipe, but again it is very rich and decadent.  Enjoy!

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