Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vegan Creamy Rice Casserole Recipe

Creamy Rice Casserole by The Peaceful Kitchen

My parents were coming to dinner, I had no idea what to make.  I spend hours pouring over recipes and trying to find something I could make with the few ingredients in my bare kitchen.  Finally I decided I was going to have to get my creative thinking cap on and come up with something that would taste delicious with whatever I had on hand.  Viola, the Sunburger creamy rice casserole recipe!

This creamy rice casserole recipe is dairy free, it can be soy free if you add more cashews and take out the silken tofu if you prefer it that way.  Cashew cream thickens as it heats so it would work beautifully as well.    This had a fairly mild, yet creamy flavor but you like to spice things up go ahead and throw in a dash of cayenne!

The beauty of this dairy free creamy rice casserole is its simplicity.  I always have my famous sunburgers in the freezer so I can pull them out and throw them in just about anything.  Thank goodness for the quick cooking boxed brown rice you can cook up in a pinch if you need to! 

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