Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Week Optimal Nutrition Course

The Long Awaited Announcement.......

If you would like to continue to follow my work......
My recipes and I can now be found @

I hope to see you there!   
I have waited for a long time to share this information with you, I will be working with Bodymade and all of my nutrition consultations, classes, and seminars will now be offered through Bodymade. 

Please join me at the four week Optimal Nutrition class in Utah Beginning Saturday, October 13th from 10am to noon.

Lunch Served
RSVP appreciated

If you live in the Utah County area and would like to attend this Four Week nutrition class please RSVP Today!

Come join me and learn the most up to date, research based nutrition information and enjoy a light lunch!

RSVP at  or call us at

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Rhoda Martinez said...

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