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Vegan Black Bean and Pineapple Enchilada Recipe

Delicious Vegan Black Bean and Pineapple Enchilada Recipe
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Light and fresh combination of sweet, juicy pinapple, cilantro, and black beans in a delicious twist on traditional enchiladas.  I used fresh, homemade, whole grain gluten free tortillas in this recipe and it really gave it that extra something special!  You can certainly use your favorite tortilla whether whole wheat, corn or gluten free.

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The inspiration for this recipe came from a recipe book my mom let me borrow.  It certainly is NOT a vegan recipe book but with my creative genius I have been able to convert the recipes into healthy, delicious vegan versions my family has LOVED!

Obviously this enchilada didn't take a lot of converting but I took quite a few liberties with this one to add more flavor.  Most non-vegan recipes do not rely on complex flavors, rather they rely on being smothered in greasy cheese.   You will notice that my famous cheese sauce is featured in this recipe but it is FAR from being greasy, it is based on a healthy combination of vegetables.

These enchiladas are PACKED with nutrient rich vegetables and black beans.  This is a nourishing meal that will delight your taste buds, not a nutrient poor meal that will leave you feeling heavy and your body lacking.

I know I promised this recipe yesterday, sometimes it is hard when I commit myself to a certain day.....

My Kids are often frustrated with my recipe creating.......

My kiddos K and C sitting below the falls in the canyon near our home!

We call my son Oscar the actor because he LOVES acting!

It isn't that they don't love the daughter always says to me...............

"I LOVE having a mom that is a famous chef!"

Okay, I know I am not famous by any means, but she thinks I am.  I asked her why and she said because then I get to eat amazing food all the time!  I'm really glad my kids enjoy the food I prepare.  That is what brings me so much joy in my life, I love creating HEALTHY recipes to share and to know that others enjoy them so much.  Kids can be hard to please and mine are no different.  My daughter would just as soon eat ice cream for breakfast, donuts and oreos for lunch and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.  Trust me she is picky, but she loves the healthy food I make and that says a lot.

Anyway, why do my kids get frustrated with my recipe creating?

Because I write all over their school notebooks or any paper I can find!!

My daughter was hollering at me yesterday for writing in her math notebook and it wasn't the first time.  When I get inspiration for a recipe anything that can be written on is fair game!  Sometimes it is just thoughts of ingredients that would be delicious combined and so I will write down the recipe name idea and a list of ingredients and unfortunately I often lose the paper and forget what I wanted to create.....that is the worst!

I promised the Enchilada recipe would be posted yesterday!

Okay, the next hazard of being me is promising recipes and then not being able to post them when I say.  I really am reliable I promise!   I generally like things to be neat and tidy and I am always on time when I have an appointment or I am meeting someone, so WHY can't I do the same with recipes?

Like I said, with that creative brain there is NO planning when inspiration comes, it just comes!  So you grab a paper, a book, an envelope or whatever and you start writing.  The problem comes when you LOSE what you were writing on!!!!

You guessed it, I LOST the recipe for the black bean and pineapple enchiladas!

I swear if I had all those lost recipes and could make a dime off of each of them I would be a rich woman :-)  

Anyway, luckily after a lot of searching....thumbing through ALL my notebooks, flipping over papers, and opened envelopes etc....  I found the recipe on a shelf below my desk waiting to be typed out....ugh.  If only you could organize creativity!

So the much awaited recipe has been found and I am posting it now so that there is no risk of it ending up lost in my pile of creative mess!

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