Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving and posting Vegan, Gluten Free Minestrone Soup

Moving and Losing Things

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We have moved so many times over the years, this is the picture of our truck before our 1 month cross country trip.   This may not be the picture of this past move two weeks ago but it is always the same, frantically trying to find your belongings in mountains of boxes.  You can see that even on my cross country trip I took my Blentec blender with me!

I have been creating recipes like crazy, of course my kitchen was the first thing unpacked and ready to go even though there are still a few things I can't find that are probably hiding in some random box, packed last minute, that is still sitting in the garage.

I wanted to post sooner but alas, my camera battery died and low and behold I could not find the charger.  Some recipes did not get photographed and so I just decided to pick up where I am and carry on.  Needless to say, I DID find my charger so it's all good now.  I will post those recipes another time, or save them for an e-book someday.

I think I am all set and ready to go as far as my blog is concerned, the kitchen is functional, I have my camera, and computer is all set up as well so I'm good to go!

One of my greatest joys is to create recipes and prepare food for those I love and watch them enjoy what I have created for them.

I also enjoy sharing my recipes with readers and I LOVE to hear feedback from those who have tried recipes and have enjoyed them.  It has been such a joy to be able to do that.   I keep going back and forth about how I want to go forward with my blog.

There are days I feel a lot of stress trying to create recipes fast enough to keep up on the blog.  There are times I am FILLED with recipe ideas and I end up spending all day creating them which ends up leading to me overeating because I am tasting all the yummy food.  

Sometimes all the obsession with creating delicious recipes to share ignites my past emotional eating issues and 5 pounds will show up out of nowhere.  It seems to be this battle between doing what I love, sharing it with others [which I also love] and loving myself.  

I am not a salesperson nor a business person or some savvy internet marketer- I just do what I love and that is helping others with health challenges and supporting them by sharing my recipes.   

Many of the recipes I share are foods I don't really eat all that often, especially the gourmet desserts.  I'd really rather share real life healthy eating than try to keep up the gourmet stuff.  

Well enough rambling......

Minestrone Soup Recipe

Minestrone soup seems to be such a simple classic, but honestly this soup was out of this world delicious and packed to the brim with vegetables!  My family really enjoyed this with some fresh homemade gluten free bread.


Kelly@Leafy Not Beefy said...

I like the new blog design!

I what it's worth, I prefer the simple everyday meals to the gourmet desserts... as I'm on a weightloss journey, I am tempted to make the desserts, as I always justify it in my head because "surely they are healthy" haha. I hope you continue sharing your recipes with us here, but obviously you need to take care of yourself as well. Congrats on your move! :)

Tandi Hartle said...

Kelly- Thanks, I am just going to post recipes for daily life and on occasion something special. That will make my life easier :-) I'm glad you enjoy the recipes.