Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured Readers Favorite award recipes......

#1 Vegan Dorito-style Nacho Cheese Chip Recipe

These Dorito-style Nacho Cheese Chips have been a hit with The Peaceful Kitchen blog readers!!  They are a fun recipe for kids and they don't contain any dangerous or unhealthy ingredients.  Visit the link below for the Nacho Cheese Chip recipe.

 #2 Gluten Free Vegan Pop Tart Recipe

This gluten free pop tart recipe is absolutely AMAZING!!  I have tested this recipe on many groups at parties and it is always a smashing hit!  The recipe is simple, contains only 1 Tb. of sweetener and is so delicious!  Even if you are not gluten free you will LOVE this gluten free pop tart recipe.  Forget about high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients and enjoy this little gem of a treat.  Click on the link to get the gluten free pop tart recipe...

Gluten Free Pop Tart Recipe

#3 Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

This delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe is not only delicious, but low in sugar as well.  These are my daughters favorite cookies!!  This gluten free chocolate chip recipe has been a HUGE hit with readers because it is low in sugar, gluten free and it tastes AMAZING!!  Enjoy!

#4 Broccoli Sunburger Divan Recipe
This delicious broccoli divan recipe features my famous vegan cheese sauce recipe, the famous sunburger recipe and an amazing cream sauce all wrapped into a delicious, healthy meal!  This broccoli divan is a definite crowd pleaser and a favorite among picky youngsters.

#5  Gluten Free Broccoli Cheese Croissant
This gluten free broccoli cheese croissant recipe is a reader favorite.  It has a delicious, flaky gluten free pastry crust and is filled with a creamy sauce full of veggies.  I topped it with my famous vegan cheese sauce recipe.  This is sure to become a favorite in your family too!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the top 5 readers choice award recipes....

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Plant Based Diet Benefits Article coming soon!

Changes to The Peaceful Kitchen Blog

I have been busy creating a lot of recipes and unfortunately one of my talents is creating desserts!  I am striving to remove sugar from my diet because I am very aware of the damaging effects of sugar on health.  I will continue to post dessert recipes, just not as often.

New Article Content on the benefits of a plant based diet coming soon.....

I have been contributing a lot of recipes on the blog but I would like to move some of the focus onto articles detailing the importance of a healthy diet and why a plant based diet is so powerful in maintaining or acheiving optimal health.  I will be writing more articles and improving the blog over the next month and I hope you will enjoy the content. 

My Latest Article on Natural News

Gluten Free Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten-free Pepperoni Pasta

Gluten Free Vegan Pepperoni Pasta

I always try to add a variety of vegetables in all my recipes to increase nutrient value.  This delicious pasta dish was created one night when I realize that I had veggie pepperoni leftover from a previous recipe creation and I needed to use it in some kind of recipe.   This is a simple and yet delicious gluten free recipe.  It does require that you have some of the homemade veggie pepperoni recipe on hand, otherwise the recipe is more involved but the pepperoni adds the depth of flavor to this dish so I wouldn't leave it out.

This serves about 6

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vegan and Gluten Free St. Patricks Day Recipes

Vegan St. Patrick's Day Menu Recipes

I decided to create a wonderful meal for St. Patricks Day and I wanted to be able to share it with my readers.  If you  have ever created a recipe you know that they don't always work out the first time around so I had my work cut out for me creating this vegan corned beef recipe.  

The flavor of the vegan corned beef turned out really well, I think you will be very pleased with it.  I chose to make this gluten free because I know it is so hard forvegans to find gluten free meat substitutes.  I personally don't care for meat substitutes but my family enjoys them and I know for those who are new to the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle some familiar flavor or texture can be helpful.  I am in the process of creating more vegan and gluten free meat substitute recipes because I have noticed that this is a very popular question I am asked.

I want to improve the texture of some of the gluten free meat substitute recipes I have created so far.  I will be posting the recipes for the gluten free meat substitute recipes as they are created and perfected so if you would like the recipes please click to follow this blog and you will be updated as they become available.

The vegan corned beef recipe is a little tricky and it does need some time to cool down and firm up but it has a wonderful flavor.
Vegan Gluten Free Corned Beef Recipe

Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots for Vegan Corned Beef Recipe

Ooooooo this is GOOD!!  In fact, this would make a delicious meal on its own!  My husband LOVED the flavor of these veggies!  I think I may keep this on the regular menu as my family really enjoyed it and this part of the vegan corned beef and cabbage recipe is easy.

Vegan Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread

This vegan gluten free Irish soda bread is a delicious compliment to the vegan gluten free corned beef and cabbage recipe above!  This vegan and gluten free version of irish soda bread has all the flavor and texture of traditional Irish soda bread.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vegan Gluten Free Calzone Recipe

Vegan Gluten Free Calzone Recipe

These vegan gluten free calzones are delicious!!  The gluten free calzone crust recipe is very rich and yet does not contain any refined oil.  The calzone filling is packed with nutrients in the spinach and sunburgers and has a delicious flavor.  The calzone marinara sauce contains carrot juice which cuts the acid of the tomatoes and gives a delicious flavor to the calzones!  The vegan gluten free calzone recipe does take a little extra work but it is well worth it.  These little gluten free calzones can be made for a special occasion and everyone will enjoy them whether they eat gluten free or not.

Vegan Gluten Free Brownies

Vegan Gluten Free Brownie Recipe

This vegan gluten free brownie recipe falls somewhere between cakey and fudgy.  I prefer fudgy brownies so I am going to continue to tweak this recipe until I am satisfied, but for those who love a lighter brownie you will LOVE this one.  I served this to my extended family and they all really enjoyed it.  I wasn't going to publish the vegan gluten free brownie recipe yet but because it was well received by several brownie lovers I figured you would enjoy this first version and I'll post a more fudgy version for the fudgy brownie lovers when I get it finished.

Vegan Gluten Free Chili Mac Recipe

Vegan Gluten Free Chili Mac Recipe

Chili mac was a staple when I was a kid and now I know why.  Chili mac is extremely easy to make and it's cheap!  You wil LOVE this healthy version of chili mac, and you will even be able to get more veggies into your children with this lovely chili mac recipe and they won't even know it! 

I have been focusing on creating kid friendly recipes that allow mom's to get more veggies into their children without a fight, this chili mac recipe is a HIT!  This chili mac is vegan and gluten free and soy free so you avoid a lot of common allergens in this chili mac.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunburger Broccoli Divan

Broccoli Sunburger Divan Recipe

This is a delicious dairy free version of the popular chicken divan recipes.  I used my popular sunburger recipe in this divan along with a homemade cashew based cream soup, homemade cheese sauce and lots of broccoli.  This is definiately a family favorite recipe, and a crowd pleaser.  This sunburger broccoli divan is creamy and very rich however, it is significantly lower in fat than regular divan recipes.  Enjoy!

Sunburger Broccoli Divan Recipe:

Enchilada Tempeh Veggie Meatballs

Enchilada Tempeh Veggie Meatballs
These enchilada veggie meatballs are gluten free.  The enchilada veggie meatball recipe takes a little bit of preparation but it tastes sooo good and it really appeals to little ones.  The little kids can just pop these little enchilada veggie meatballs in their mouth, or they can smother them in the above cheese sauce.  You can make a large batch of the enchilada veggie meatball recipe and freeze them for future use, they can be added to A LOT of different recipes.  The extra work making these enchilada veggie meatballs is well worth it when you can freeze the extras for a quick, easy meal later.

Serving Suggestions for Enchilada Veggie Meatballs
  • Serve in warm tortillas with cheese sauce, tomato, guacamole and tofu sour cream
  • Crumble up and put in tacos or enchilada recipes
  • Serve over brown rice with cheese sauce poured on top
  • Crumble and sprinkle over a taco salad

Gluten Free Cornbread

Gluten Free Cornbread 

I had no idea how this gluten free cornbread recipe would turn out, it was a complete test recipe.  When I poured the cornbread batter into the pan I really didn't think it was going to qualify for the blog, but much to my surprise this delicious little cornbread came out of the oven and was delicious!!   This gluten free cornbread recipe is very simple, low fat, lower in sugar than most cornbread and very good for you.