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Vegan Nacho Cheese Chip recipe, Nacho Bake Recipe, Enchilada Sauce,

Vegan Nacho Cheese Chip Recipe

Delicious nacho cheese 'Dorito' style homemade chips!!  

These chips may not be exactly like the store bought kind, they do not contain MSG and other unhealthy ingredients, but my kids LOVED them!  They have a delicious chili cheesy flavor and they are very easy to make! I haven't seen any homemade dorito chip recipes anywhere, this homemade chip recipe is sure to make kids AND mom's happy.

These dorito style chips are an excellent substitute for traditional chips at your superbowl party, healthy snacks for kids, and they are delicious in mexican style recipes!

I thought this would be an excellent time to post the nacho cheese chip recipe just in time for the superbowl.  I have always loved chips, however, most bagged chips contain 150-200 calories for 7-15 chips!!  200 calories for a 4 foot 10 inch tall woman is about an entire meal!!  I can't eat that, not to mention all the refined oils in traditional bagged chips.  I decided to create a delicious, cheese flavored chip that I could ENJOY without all the junk and excess calories in chips from the grocery store.  You really have to try this homemade dorito chip recipe to appreciate how simple and delicious it really is. 

Enchilada Sauce Recipe
This enchilada sauce is delicious, the carrot juice adds a lot of extra nutrition, cuts down on the need for sugar or refined sweeteners and creates a delicious sauce.   There are very few enchilada sauces in the grocery store that do not contain MSG or High Fructose Corn syrup so if you choose to use canned enchilada sauce in a recipe please read he label and make sure you are not getting unwanted ingredients.
This enchilada sauce recipe is very simple and delicious and can be used in any recipe that calls for canned enchilada sauce.  I used this enchilada sauce recipe in the nacho pasta bake recipe below and it was fabulous!

Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce Recipe

Here in this photo you see the vegan nacho cheese sauce on top of the nacho bake...YUM!!
This delicious vegan nacho cheese recipe can be made as a superbowl dip recipe for chips or veggies, it can be used to make nacho cheese quesadillas or to top your favorite mexican dishes.

Nacho Pasta Bake Recipe

This is a delicious kid friendly recipe!!  My kids loved this meal, it has all their favorites, nacho cheese dorito style chips, pasta, cheese sauce and a few veggies to make mom's happy too!  This recipe takes a little extra time to make the nacho chips but it is so worth it!

Blueberry Banana Ice Cream Recipe
This AMAZING blueberry banana ice cream recipe is SOOOO simple!  You won't believe how creamy and delicious this healthy, sugar free blueberry ice cream is.  This is an amazing sugar free dessert and is made with only fruit!  This recipe is vegan, dairy free, sugar free and absolutely delicious!
There are two ways to make this dessert, I realize that most people do not have a champion or green star juicer with a blank plate so I will give you two ways to make it.

***If you do not have this type of juicer you can put the frozen bananas and blueberries in a high powered blender or if you do not have a high powered blender put them in a food processor.  Blend with about 1/2 c. of Silk almond or coconut milk until thick and creamy.  Add the almond milk slowly and only enough to get it mixed well or your ice cream will be runny.
Gluten Free Chia Seed Pancake Recipe
This is a delicious, very simple gluten free pancake recipe, it does not require expensive xanthan gum and makes perfect, delicious little gluten free pancakes.  My children beg for these pancakes every morning, in fact, my 11 year old makes this gluten free pancake recipe by herself, it is so simple and contains a lot of nutrients and is packed with omega 3 fatty acids!
My daughter loves these gluten free pancakes with pure maple syrup, they can also be made as gluten free crepes if you thin the batter enough.



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