Saturday, February 5, 2011

creamy rosemary potato soup recipe, gluten free biscuit recipe and gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe

Creamy Rosemary Garlic Potato Soup Recipe

This is comfort soup at its best!  This soup is packed with nutrients and tastes amazing!!!  I was at a loss for what to make for dinner one night and was trying to figure out how to use my fresh rosemary.  I had already made a few Italian dishes so I wanted to create something different.  I was brushing my hair and it came to me, rosemary and potato soup....YUM!

This potato soup recipe is very simple, quick, easy and yet so delicious.  The best recipes are those that delight the tastebuds but take very little to prepare.  The mix of rosemary, garlic and the subtle hint of sweetness from the carrot juice really make this creamy soup pop.  I hope you enjoy the creamy rosemary garlic potato soup recipe.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Tips

I have been working on gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes along with low sugar and sugar free cookie recipes as well.  I found a few AMAZING tricks to making a delicious gluten free cookie that I want to share with you.  The gluten free cookies you see in the photo above are low sugar cookies but they are absolutely decadent.  I have also found the tricks to decreasing sugar content in dessert recipes without compromising texture or flavor.

Gluten free baking takes a little getting used to but once I got the hang of it I have had a lot of fun playing around with different gluten free flours, our favorite go to dessert is chocolate chip cookies so creating a delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe was an absolute MUST in my house. 

The most exciting thing for me is to have my kids BEG me for these low sugar gluten free chocolate chip cookies, they truly LOVE them, even more than the sugar filled cookies they are served other places.  For parents who want to serve their children healthy low sugar desserts stay tuned because I have some great dessert recipes coming. 

My #1 gluten free baking tip:  Use coconut flour!

Coconut flour absorbs A LOT of liquid and acts similar to eggs in vegan recipes so this is a must have for vegan gluten free baking.  I put about 1/4 c. of coconut flour in all my gluten free cookie recipes.  You don't need a lot because it does absorb a lot of liquid, but just a little coconut flour really helps gluten free cookie recipes have the little extra something they need.

#1 low sugar cookie recipe trick:  Use ripe banana and applesauce in all low sugar dessert recipes.  I mix the banana and applesauce together until creamed in the mixer.  Then I add about 1 Tb. of stevia and a couple Tb. of maple syrup.  The combination of sweeteners seems to really do the trick.

It is important to remember that low sugar cookie or dessert recipes will NOT be as sweet as full sugar varieties!  They will be delicious but obviously not as sugar headache inducing.  I prefer the subtle sugar taste to the sickeningly sweet flavor of most dessert recipes.  I have served low sugar cookies to die hard sugar fans and have had excellent reviews so it is definiately doable.

The gluten free, low sugar chocolate chip cookies you see above contain:

bob's red mill flour
brown rice flour
coconut flour
1 Tb. coconut oil
peanut butter
salt, baking soda and chocolate chips

I did not measure the ingredients :-D  It is just one of those things I do sometimes, but once I get the recipe down I will publish one.....stay tuned you WILL want this gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe whether you are gluten free or not.

Gluten Free Drop Biscuits

The biggest challenge in creating a gluten free biscuit is to make it light and fluffy and not crumbly.  I have an even greater challenge making whole grain, vegan and low fat gluten free biscuit recipes.  I have found that you do not have to add a lot of refined oils in order to produce a light and delicious gluten free biscuit recipe, you just have to know how to substitute ingredients that will provide the moisture you need.

I was not sure how this gluten free biscuit recipe was going to turn out, a couple ingredients are outside the norm for a biscuit recipe.  I was thrilled with the result, these gluten free biscuits were gone quickly.  My children ate these gluten free biscuits until they were gone!   The trick in this recipe is the soymilk, vinegar and cooked quinoa combination.  The soymilk and vinegar mixture makes a dairy free buttermilk and provides a good rise to the gluten free biscuit recipe, the quinoa provides moisture in place of refined oil in the recipe.

The biggest accomplishment with this biscuit recipe, they were NOT crumbly at all!!  Enjoy this decadent, light, moist and delicious gluten free biscuits!!

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