Monday, October 10, 2011

Roasted Vegetables with vegan sharp cheddar over brown rice

Roasted Fall Vegetables with Homemade Vegan Sharp Cheddar Cheese 

Delicious fall vegetables marinated and roasted in the oven and topped with rich & creamy homemade sharp vegan white cheddar cheese served over brown rice.   Vegetables are marinated and roasted in an Italian seasoning and then topped with delicious vegan white cheddar cheese.

I have a delicious cheddar cheese sauce recipe but this new sharper cheese is absolutely delicious.  I have been using it in panini's, cheddar apple tarts and many other recipes and it has an amazing flavor.  The best part about this amazing cheese is that it is dairy free, soy free and made from whole foods only!

The roasted vegetables make a delicious meal, but you certainly could add your favorite veggie burger, tempeh or garbanzo beans and it would make a heartier meal in a snap!  My kids loved this meal and even ate their zucchini which they usually complain about.  Fall in our house is pretty much zucchini from the garden in every meal so they tire of it, but the addition of a delicious cheese changed their tune this time!  


Sky Remote said...

Vegetarian main courses often require hours of grinding and cooking and a laundry list of ingredients - but not in this dish. This dish turns a simple soup with lentils vegetarian casserole for a hearty using nutritious, ready-to-use whole grain brown rice

Gerbers said...

This meal is amazing! I love how it is something new and different. I am officially addicted to the vegan sharp cheddar cheese! Thank you!