Friday, April 30, 2010

Grilled tofu recipe.... Not Quite Ready for Publication...but delicious!

New Test Recipe:
Grilled Tofu

My husband LOVED this marinated Grilled tofu, however I didn't feel that it was quite cookbook ready.  
It was marinated in veggie broth, carrot juice, garlic, tamari, cashew, parsley with other spices
It turned out good, but in this recipe book there will only be AMAZING recipes.  I will still be working on this one and there will be a grilled tofu recipe in the book it will just be more fabulous than this one.  
I wanted to show you a photo of what I have been working on....Back to the drawing board for this one.

If you have any suggestions for grilled tofu flavors you would like to see please post a comment and I will create recipes.  If you would like mexican cilantro lime, BBQ grilled tofu, Jerk tofu etc....  I am trying to decide what flavors of grilled tofu to create so suggestions would be wonderful!

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Recipes

Tommorrow will be an AMAZING day of recipes.  

Burnt Almond fudge ice cream
Boutique pasta salad
Croissant Rolls

Stay tuned because these recipes are absolutely delicious and photos will be added within the next couple of days.

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Gwendolyn said...

I seriously love your recipes. Every one that I've made has been so yummy. I feel SO lucky that I could attend your cooking class last fall. It was worth the long drive to get there. Thank you, and good luck with this cookbook! You are on a roll and I can sense a Tandi Hartle cookbook going to press in the near future.

Thank you, also, for helping me recover with your very educated wisdom and encouragement. I still have a way to go, but through eating well, I know it is a very big part of my journey to wellness.