Monday, June 18, 2012

Vegan & Gluten Free Spicy Asian Noodle Salad

Vegan and Gluten Free Spicy Asian Noodle Salad

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Low calorie, iodine and calcium rich kelp noodles are topped with fresh, finely chopped vegetables smothered  in a rich, creamy and spicy sesame asian dressing.  This salad is a light, refreshing summer lunch with a kick!

You'll notice the noodles are clear, they are nutrient rich kelp noodles.  The noodles are gluten free and delicious.  If you eat them raw they are quite crunchy which I don't mind.  

***If you like soft noodles soak them in the dressing for an hour before lunch and they will be perfect, soft noodles.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day.  I made a delicious, vegan French toast for my husband at breakfast and topped it with fresh sliced strawberries, maple syrup and sprinkled on stevia instead of powdered sugar.

We had an amazing vegan Father's Day BBQ with amazing veggie burgers that featured:  celery, bell pepper, onion, carrots, almonds and black beans.  We also had grilled corn, potato salad, melons and an amazing chocolate silk pie with a brownie crust and raw ganache topping.

I know I have tempted many of you by announcing that I made some delicious vegan calamari, however I still want to tweak the recipe a bit before I post it so it will be a little longer before it is posted.  The taste and texture of the mushrooms were great but the breading wasn't as crunchy as I would have you'll have to wait!

We have been incorporating more raw foods into our diet lately.  It always seems that as summer rolls around I crave a lot more fruit and fresh foods.  During the COLD winter months we eat a lot more hot soups and baked potatoes.  

My husband has finally come around and decided that he needs to eat more living foods!  Hurray!  That is not an easy thing for him but as he has begun suffering from increasing back pain, arthritis, fatigue and health problems I think it has finally inspired him to eat better.  He eats a vegetarian diet, but NOT a healthy one.  He consumes MASSIVE amounts of sugar.  For example, he will get a veggie sandwich at subway and follow it up with 3 or 4 cookies!

I am so glad he is feeling inspired to change!   A vegetarian diet is obviously a step in the right direction toward living a compassionate life, but it certainly does not guarantee health if you fill that vegetarian diet with soda, oreos, potato chips, cookies and other vegetarian junk food.  I am converting my junk food vegetarian husband into a health food superstar vegan hubby!  I will keep you updated on his health and diet progress.

I know that you all know I do not advocate consumption of refined vegetable oils.  I do find it odd that we condemn white flour because it is stripped of fiber and nutrients and yet we do not condemn vegetable oils which are also stripped of fiber and nutrients!  However, I do allow about 1-2 tsp. of oil per serving in some recipes because it adds the right flavor or texture to a dish.  

**The sesame oil is VERY  important to the flavor of this dish and adds a negligible amount of fat.  Don't skip the sesame oil.


Gerbers said...

Easy, fresh, perfect amount of spicy, simple to make and delicious. Thanks for the recipe!!

hanna san said...

really love this recipe