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Vegan, Soy Free and Gluten Free Olive Garden Black Tie Recipe

Rich and Delicious Vegan, Soy Free and Gluten Free Olive Garden Black Tie Recipe!!

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Decadent, creamy and rich vegan version of Olive Garden's Black Tie!  This rich dessert features a thin dark chocolate brownie crust, topped with a thick creamy chocolate mousse, layered with a creamy vanilla custard and topped with homemade dairy free white chocolate swirled with dark chocolate.  The ultimate chocolate lovers dream dessert!

I created this recipe for a very wide audience, this olive garden black tie recipe is gluten free but can easily be made with whole wheat flour for those who do not need to be gluten free.  It is also soy free, I realize that most vegan cheesecake style recipes call for silken tofu and while I believe tofu is an excellent food, some people may have soy allergies and so I thought it would be best to make this dessert soy free as well.

 It is absolutely possible to make delicious vegan desserts without the use of tofu if desired. I did not make this soy free for those who believe soy is going to somehow magically turn them into a newt or somehow change their gender in the middle of the night without them knowing it!!  Check out the actual scientific research on soy before you go believing all the outrageous claims being made all over the internet.  Seriously a legume is somehow powerful enough to wreak havoc on your hormones, really?  However, estrogens secreted in cow's milk is a whole other story.........but we'll save that for another time.

Is this recipe Complicated?

Well, yes and no.  If you aren't used to cooking this recipe may seem very daunting.  It really isn't, yes, it does have a lot of steps but it flows really well and is actually not difficult.  Time consuming? Yeah, it is probably a more time consuming dessert if you are comparing it to whipping up some chocolate chip cookies or brownies. I would say this recipe probably takes a couple of hours with chilling time.

I don't mind making it but some may want to reserve this for special occasions.

This recipe contains oils.....I thought you said refined oils are not a healthful food?

Okay, you got me!  That is correct, refined oils are not health foods and really should be avoided or consumed VERY rarely. Refined oils are best avoided for those suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes.  However, this recipe was made as a special occasion treat such as a birthday or holiday.

Why did I create this recipe?

My husband is a die hard fan of the black tie at Olive garden and lately he has been talking about it relentlessly!  Well, Olive Garden is a celiac's or vegan's worst nightmare!  Olive Garden has yet to offer any gluten free options or vegan options on their menu.  Not only is their menu very unfriendly so is the staff and Olive Garden corporate has made it very clear they have little interest in offering options to gluten free, vegetarian or vegan we don't eat at Olive Garden!   I MUCH prefer going to Macaroni Grill or other Italian restaurants as they are very willing to accommodate any dietary preferences or food allergies!

The Old Spaghetti Factory now offers gluten free pasta and many vegetarian or vegan options!  I'm still surprised Olive Garden refuses to accommodate a variety of individuals but it's their loss I suppose.

My husband is a vegetarian but does consume dairy and eggs because he simply cannot resist desserts so of course if we did go to Olive Garden he would NOT go without his black tie but he has been a great sport in avoiding Olive Garden because all I could have is the WATER!!!  So I decided to take on the challenge of creating the famous Olive Garden Black Tie in a vegan version!  I have attempted this before with so-so results but this time it was an absolute success!!

Without Further Adieu.....Here is the Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free Olive Garden Black Tie Recipe.....

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Jennifer Hunter said...

OMG this looks divine!!! Thanks so much for posting - I can't wait to make it for the family....well, that is if I decide to share :)