Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Blogfest Tempeh Sausage Stuffing

Thanksgiving Blog Fest Day 2 
Vegan Tempeh Sausage Stuffing with Gluten free Options
Delicious tempeh sausage, whole grain dried bread and seasonings combine to make the perfect stuffing for your Peaceful Holiday table.   This delicious stuffing has received rave reviews at all holiday parties and I know you and your guests will love is traditional flavor and texture!

This weeks Thanksgiving blog fest post is featured in the Wellness Weekend event so please check out the other recipes featured in this weeks Wellness Weekend! 
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You can use store bought dried bread for the stuffing if you would like, there are several varieties available at Whole Foods and other natural foods markets throughout the holidays.  I wanted to make sure I was using whole grain bread in my stuffing and so I made my own cubed dried bread, it is simple but it does require some forethought.


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