Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brownie Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Delicious Brownie Chocolate Mint Mousse Dessert

This decadent dessert begins with a rich, gooey chocolate brownie crust  filled with a light, yet rich chocolate mousse baked to perfection and then spread with a smooth chocolate mint ganache.    Yes, this is the perfect mix of decadent, rich chocolate with a hint of mint to give it that holiday twist.  You can certainly top this with crushed mint candies to really push it over the top for your holiday dinner party. 

When my husband first tasted this dessert he couldn't stop raving about it!  He is certainly a chocoholic and is the perfect judge of the quality of any chocolate dessert.  When I asked him what he would rate this delicious dessert his answer was 9.9!

I asked him what makes it a 9.9 instead of a perfect 10?

I always like to know what improvements I need to make so I can perfect future recipes.  After tasting the dessert myself I couldn't imagine what in the world he would say about it that would dock points, this dessert is absolute perfection in my mind.  Well, his answer was......

It is a 9.9 because I am going to eat to much of it and make myself sick!

Okay, so the point docking had nothing to do with taste or texture.....  I explained to him that he was supposed to rate it on taste, not whether or not he would eat too much of it and end up feeling sick afterward.  He said, 'Oh, then it is a perfect 10.'

This brownie chocolate mousse mint dessert can be made in so many ways so please try different variations and enjoy it!  I would highly recommend serving this at dinner parties, it will certainly be the highlight of the evening!

***This recipe is gluten free but it certainly does not have to be gluten free, you can use regular whole wheat pastry flour in place of the coconut and brown rice flours.

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