Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homemade Potato Chip Recipe & Vegan Gluten Free Sloppy Joes

Vegan & Gluten Free Sloppy Joe Recipe

Delicious vegan, gluten free sloppy joes with a smokey BBQ twist and amazing homemade potato chips with creamy chip dip.  The ULTIMATE vegan BBQ food!

This was my recipe creation for our family Sunday BBQ.  I decided to create a little bit of a twist on the traditional sloppy joe.  This BBQ sauce is not your typical sloppy joe sauce.  I created a very rich, smokey sauce and it turned out absolutely delicious!  It is not as sweet as most BBQ sauce recipes, it has just enough sweetness to give the perfect flavor without being overly sweet.

When I realized that this sauce is not your typical sloppy joe flavor I worried a bit because my mom wanted sloppy joes for the BBQ because she was craving them.  I warned her that I was so excited in my recipe creation mode that I didn't even think about the fact that this is NOT traditional sloppy joe sauce.

Lucky for me........My smokey BBQ sauce was a hit!  Everyone loved the deep, rich smokey flavor.

Whew....Leave it up to me to worry and stress about my new recipe creation and if everyone will enjoy what I have created.  It can be hard when you create something, you constantly worry if it will be well received.   Creating recipes is my passion, but I also LOVE to create food that people enjoy.

My greatest joy is bringing joy to others through my food.

Smokey Mountain BBQ Sauce

**Please be aware that this is not traditional sloppy joe BBQ sauce, it has a different flavor.  See below if you want a traditional BBQ sauce for sloppy joes.

Amazing, rich barbeque sauce!

Sloppy Joes

Excellent flavor and texture

Traditional BBQ sauce

For those of you who want a traditional BBQ sauce for your sloppy joes here is the recipe.  This is a sweeter recipe that will give you a more traditional sloppy joe experience.

Homemade low fat potato chip Recipe

These were a hit at our summer BBQ!

Shake all ingredients in a freezer bag, place on baking sheets, do not let the chips touch or overlap. Bake 450 for 15-20 minutes. Watch carefully, depending on how thick or thin they are cut they will cook faster or slower. Half way through pull them out and using a spatula scrape them off the pan.

**Oil free version, omit oil and bake on parchment paper or a silpat.

Delicious Potato Chip Dip

This chip dip was amazing!  I created this recipe for my family because they love my grandmas creamy chip dip.  Give it a try next time to breakout the potato chips or the homemade potato chips at your BBQ!  Enjoy!


Sonia said...

Hi following u, kindly follow back.

Anonymous said...

i got all the ingredients for your sloppy joes, but was wondering which color lentils you used (i got red?) thanks for your help and great recipes (just tried your potato corn chowder last night and it was delicious!)i am trying the joes tonight and then i want to try your fudgey chewey brownies! did you ever post the pumpkin sloppy joes/pumpkin alfredo? i don't see them. thanks for sharing the delicious recipes/all that love that goes into creating and sharing delicious food and especially vegan food, h

Tandi said...

The best lentils to use are the dark lentils, there are both red and green dark lentils but DO NOT Use the red lentils that look bright orange!!! They will go mushy and it has a terrible texture! I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes!

Anonymous said...

oops, i got/used the bright orange lentils, (cooked 2 batches, as you said, the first batch was so mushy even undercooked i had to toss them and re-do) definitely buying the dark lentils next time and those joes will be perfect. i'm now making your sunburgers (and re-doing your donuts, not forgetting the leavening ingredients this time..i know i'm really a menace with your textures!) i just wanted to know if i should use extra thick rolled oats for your sunburgers or regular old fashioned oats? (i'm guessing extra thick so therefore with my track record it's prob. regular/old fashioned ones?!) thanks again for your help!!-heather

Tandi said...

The sloppy joes will be TONS better with the dark lentils!! As far as the sunburgers use old fashioned oats, they work best. The quick oats tend to absorb a bit more liquid. Make sure you cook the old fashioned oats long enough that the mixture becomes thick enough or them will be gushy. They are one of my most popular recipes, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply/answers!! I'll get the old fashioned oats and make those burgers, I really love your site!!-heather :)

Tandi said...

I'm always happy to help and answer questions. I'm glad you are enjoying all the recipes!