Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delicious Healthy Donut Recipe

Mouthwatering Healthy Donuts

I wasn't sure what to expect when I tested the first donut but much to my surprise it was very moist, light, soft and delicious!  These donuts are much more delicate and soft than the cake donuts you buy at the store, they are almost melt in your mouth soft and yet the perfect texture.

This was a recipe my daughter has been BEGGING me to make.  She has been craving gluten free donuts.  I have tested a few recipes with so-so results and then finally...... WOW!!!   These donuts are AMAZING!  I purchased a donut pan just for this recipe and luckily, it was worth it.  I certainly was not going to make fried donuts so baking was the only option and without a donut pan you have to make dough which is too thick and the donuts come out heavy.  With a donut pan you make a batter to pour in and the donuts come out heavenly.

Most vegan donut recipes are a little heavier than I like but this vegan donut recipe is absolutely light and fluffy.  I like my donuts to be very light and moist and this recipe certainly delivers on that point.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Recipe is featured in the Wellness Weekend Recipe Contest, Check out all the great entries:

DietDessertnDogs Wellness Weekend Event!

*** There is a recipe for both Gluten Free Donuts and Regular Donuts so Something for everyone!

Gluten Free Cake Donuts

Soft, moist and delicious!

Top with chocolate frosting or brush with coconut oil and then dip in cinnamon and sugar.

Regular Cake Donut Recipe

Top with chocolate frosting or dip in coconut oil and then cinnamon and sugar.

I hope you enjoy the donuts, we LOVED Them!!  My kids devoured them and they are much healthier than traditional style donuts and yet every bit as yummy!
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leafynotbeefy said...

I just love your recipes! I tried the Fudge Brownie one a little bit ago - subbing oat flour but also using brown rice flour (germinated is what I had) was soooooo good! Mine turned out more crumbly, but also fudgy, rich, and perfectly not too sweet/just sweet enough for me. I also subbed some stevia and a little bit of honey and pure maple syrup for the turbinado and brown rice syrup, and it STILL came out great! :) Oh, haha, and I used no-sugar apple butter in place of applesauce. I am sharing your blog on my blog this evening because YOU ROCK! :)

Ricki said...

I'm so glad I have another reason to use my donut pan now! These sound wonderful and I bet the texture is heavenly. Thanks so much for submitting the recipe to Wellness Weekend this week! :)

Tandi said...

leafynotbeefy- Thank you SO much for your wonderful comments and I am SO glad the brownies turned out well for you! They are yummy!

Tandi said...

Ricki- Thanks for the opportunity to join the wellness weekend.

Anonymous said...

dear tandi, i just made your potato soup & sloppy joes and my husband and i loved them both. i'm going to make these donuts tonight and just wanted to know where i could find your chocolate frosting recipe? thanks for your delicious recipes love them, heather :)

Tandi said...

I am SO glad you enjoyed the sloppy joes and potato soup!! I did not post the chocolate frosting recipe but I generally use maple syrup and cocoa and make a thick paste out of it and spread it on!! It is simple, easy and delicious. You can add a little coconut oil to that if you want but it isn't necessary.

Anonymous said...

dear t, thanks for the frosting recipe, sounds easy & tasty!! i did try the donuts last night however i forgot to add both the baking powder and soda! i copied your recipe down and only wrote the powder part/forgot to add that, and therefore forgot both :( at any rate the flavor was super delicious and i loved your other recipes i didn't mess up, so i'm going to try them again. i was going over the recipe and was a little confused (i'm making the gluten free ones), baking powder is listed twice. the first time it's 1/4 tsp. (also 1/4 in the instructions) and then further down the list there's 1 tsp. baking powder so should i do 1/4 tsp or 1 tsp? then the instructions don't say when to add the baking soda or nutmeg? i assume i add the nutmeg with the cinnamon/vanilla bit and the soda when i add the baking powder? being a relatively in-experienced cook myself, i'm not sure if it matters as much when or if it just needs to get in there, but i don't want to flub them up again, and i know it has to be a lot more specific in baking than in 'regular' cooking. thank you again for sharing your amazing recipes!! do you have a cookbook? i checked amazon and didn't see one. my uber picky husband and i really love everything we've tried!! sooo many things sound amazing i have big plans (prob. sunburgers, and then your nacho pasta bake next, i have many on my list and am soo happy i found your site. i love to cook and eat delicious food!! thanks again for your help/excellent recipes, heather

Tandi said...

You need to use both the 1/4 tsp. and the 1 tsp. of baking powder. The 1/4 tsp in the flax mixture is there to act as an egg replacer and the rest of the baking powder is used with the dry ingredients for more leavening. Combine all dry ingredients together and add them in together and it should come out great.

I don't have a cookbook out but I have been looking into a few options for creating a cookbook so there will be one in the future. I'm so glad you are enjoying all the recipes!

Anonymous said...

got these right that next try and they are delectable!! i also made your chia seed pancakes (love them!!), sunburgers (i've made myriad veggie burgers and these are my favorite!!), your thousand island dressing (even my husband who doesn't care for this dressing loved it!!) and every recipe (the chips, ench. sauce & nacho cheese sauce) for the nacho pasta bake and we think every element of that was phenomenal too!!(i almost filled up on the chips while i was cooking, they're sooo tasty. tonight i'm going to make your ranch & ranch fries and re-heat some sunburgers and next maybe i'll try one of your pizza's. i'm sooo grateful to you for sharing your delicious recipes!!!! thanks again!! heaher :)