Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grilled Vegetable and Almond Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Vegetable and Almond Herbed Cream Cheese Panini Recipe

I created a delicious herbed almond and cashew cream cheese to make a rich spread for this delicious Italian style grilled vegetable panini.  The vegetables are marinated in a delicious, oil-free Italian dressing for a short time and then grilled in this delicious sandwich.

I created this recipe one night when I could not decide what to make for dinner, it was a hot and muggy evening and I simply did not feel like a heavy dinner.  This little gem of a recipe was created out of my need for a quick, simple, light summer dinner!

My kids are DIE-HARD peanut butter and jam sandwich lovers and therefore they were the ones I worried may not be to thrilled with my new creation.  My daughter is a picky eater, sure she'll eat spinach out of the garden but she has her own style of being picky.

I had a need to use the vegetables from the garden, every year the whining starts about this time because my family gets sick of eating zucchini in everything!  Well......this time I got them all to eat the zucchini and beg for more!  Hurray!  I call that  a success.

This recipe can be either gluten free or made with regular whole wheat bread.   The photo is of whole wheat bread, my daughter and I used brown rice tortillas and grilled it like a vegetable quesadilla and it was fabulous!!

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Malissa said...

Thanks for the recipe! This was great and filling. I loved the flavor of the cream cheese.

Tandi said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this, my family loved them.