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New Nutrient Packed Southern Style recipes

Southern Sweet Potato and Greens Stew Recipe

My Family LOVED this stew, it has a delicious flavor!!!!

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This stew is NUTRIENT PACKED and yet absolutely delicious!  This soup has yams, spinach, kale, tomato, black beans, tempeh and MUCH more....

This is a potent anti-cancer soup full of antioxidants and nutrition.  Many people ask me how they can get enough nutrients on a plant based diet so here is the 
Nutrition breakdown for an average servings size of this soup:

Calories:  298
Protein:   14g  or    32% of your RDA for protein~!
Fat:        3g

I have listed the RDA % [daily percentage] for 1 small serving of this soup.

Vit. A       654%
Folate       46%
B1           38%
B2           22%
B3           18%
B5           18%
B6           47%
Vit. C       62%
Vit. E        7%
Vit. K      212%

Calcium      13%
Copper       67%
Iron         21%
Magnesium    39%
Manganese    77%
Phosphorus   39%
Potassium    28%
Selenium      5%
Zinc         23%

Omega 3's    16%     

I know what you are asking, WHERE did the omega 3's come from, there is no flax seed or fish or walnuts in this stew? 

Guess what, those are not the only foods that contain omega 3's..........WHAT????

Yep, that's right.  Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of omega 3 fats, even bananas have omega 3's.  Most plant foods contain small amounts of omega 3's so if you are eating a healthy whole food plant based diet, you can get enough without flax or any other food touted to contain 3's.

I would also like to point out that you can get nearly 25-50% of your daily value of most nutrients in one little serving of stew!  That is powerful nutrition!

Southern Sweet potato and greens stew


Simple Quick Low Fat Cornbread

Okay, I admit this is not going to be the most moist cornbread recipe.  I have an excellent moist decadent cornbread recipe for the cookbook, however this one makes up in 2 minutes, bakes for 12 minutes and is still delicious.

I needed something quick and easy to go with the southern stew and cornbread seemed perfect.  However I wanted a low sugar, oil free recipe perfect for weight loss and diabetics!

Low fat Cornbread Recipe


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