Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Your most pressing nutrition questions answered

Get your most pressing nutrition questions answered!

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Are you frustrated trying to wade through all the conflicting nutrition advice on the internet, newspapers, magazines etc....

When I teach nutrition classes there are SO many people who ask questions about conflicting information they hear or read on the internet.  So often these people have been so misled by special interest groups or individuals who are more interested in getting high readership by spewing out sensational, controversial information that they cause so much confusion!

I am not going to name names here but some of you may know these groups and individuals I am talking about.  If you read their websites, blogs, and articles it can make your head spin. They will choose a food, or subject and make the most outrageous claims about it!!  

I have NO problem with speaking out against a certain food, IF, and ONLY if you can provide sound scientifically based reasons to make those claims.

I have read dozens and dozens of articles with these sensational claims and guess what!  EVERY single time there are several common problems:

  1. Absolutely, NO research or references are provided to back up the claims being made.
  2. Research is cited, but the conclusions of the research are twisted to support the authors claims when the actual scientists conclusions do not support those claims.
  3. References are cited to other articles on the subject that do not have any research to back up the claims.
  4. Research used on animals using 400 times the amount an average person would ingest is cited giving little credibility to the claims being made.
  5. Research is cited, and the author does actually make claims that coincide with the conclusions of the research authors but they FAIL to mention that the research was funded by a special interest group that actually SELLS the food item for which the research was done!
Finding the truth about  health and nutrition isn't really hard, it just requires a bit of due diligence in verifying the research and references given.  Most people just do not have time to try and wade through all the garbage to get to the truth!

Here is where YOU come in!

Please post in the comments below some of your most pressing nutrition questions!

I will read each and every comment and I will either make a video OR a blog post answering your question with detailed references to real research so you can finally understand the truth!

Examples of common questions I receive just to jog your brain about questions you may have.

  • I heard of a study that said, chocolate milk is the best post workout food.  Is this true?
  • I heard of a study that said saturated fat is good for you? Is this true
  • I am taking coconut oil to lose weight, does this work and how does it help?
  • I heard coconut oil helps hypothyroid, is this true?

Okay, so now it is YOUR turn!  

Ask your Questions in the comments Below!


Gerbers said...

What is the easiest way to tell if your hormones are balanced, and/or if there is too much or too little of any certain hormone? How would you know if it were hormone related, or something else entirely? I ask that because acne(or just about anything) could be a symptom of almost any problem. This may be too general of a question, any information will be appreciated. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've heard a rumor about overdosing on vitamins. It sounds completely ridiculous, especially if they are vegan as they should all be water soluble vitamins. I wanted to ask if taking a multi-vitamin (such as DEVA Vegan Prenatal Vitamin/Mineral Supplement) would have any negative affect while eating a whole foods, plant-based diet (still early in the journey so I may not be getting as many veggies as I should)? Is there such thing as getting too many minerals (as that vitamin has minerals in it as well)?

Tandi said...

Great questions!! I will be answering both of these questions in the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Hi thiere-
I love this blog. I've made great recipes from it.
I wanted to ask about Omega-3 supplements (to go with the vitamin question). I don't eat meat or dairy, but occasionally have Salmon in sushi. I also take Omega-3 oil tablets. I'm trying to cut all fish out too, but it's been hard. What is your take on this supplement that I read is nothing but healthy for you?
Thanks again for the great blog!

Tandi said...

Great question, omega 3's are good for you, however, taking them in the form of DHA and EPA does have risks, EPA thins the blood and with the average American this is why they say it helps 'prevent heart disease.' But in a person consuming a plant based diet it can thin the blood too much and cause bruising and in pregnant women can cause increased risk of hemorrhage. Green leafy vegetables are high in ALA, a smaller chain omega 3 and the body will covert this into the longer chain DHA and EPA AS NEEDED! That is the important thing here, as needed! The body will not convert much if it already has enough EPA and DHA but if it needs more it will convert it. Also, excess omega 6 consumption competes with the desaturase enzymes and can decrease conversion of omega 3's as well so that is a consideration. I DO NOT recommend any omega 3 supplement unless you have a specific need and have been diagnosed as deficient or have some persistent skin conditions which do not respond to any other course of treatment. As a general rule I recommend high consumption of leafy greens and 1 Tb. or so of flax or chia seeds, that is all you need. If you want references to research on the risks of high consumption of EPA I'd be happy to write a whole article on this subject if you would like.

Jeannie said...

How safe is soy and is there a limit on eating it. I'm talking about Organic soy milk, and dishes made from tofu. Sorry if you have answered this elsewhere in your blog.
Thank you

Tandi said...

Jeannie- Great question! That is a popular one. I will answer that in a post within the next week.