Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Spice cookies, Dairy Free Ice Cream and Pizookies!

Apple Spice Cookie 'Pizookie' Recipe

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I finally got the Apple Spice Cookie, Cider Ice Cream and Cider Caramel Sauce picture and recipe up on the blog.  I apologize for the delay in getting this on the blog, but it is SO worth  the wait!  This is the most AMAZING fall dessert!  My chocolate loving husband actually raved over this and usually it isn't dessert without chocolate for him.  I really hope you enjoy this special recipe.

What is a Pizookie?  A pizookie is a mix of a pizza and a cookie.  We make very large cookies as a 'pizza crust' then you top it with ice cream and caramel, hot fudge or in this case, cider caramel.  It is like a brownie sundae but with a big cookie. 


Cider Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Pizookie

Here is another version of the pizookie, the Chocolate Chip cookie, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge pizookie.  I put a lot of ice cream on this one, I did not make the big round cookies for this so the cookie is a lot smaller than usual but still just as delicious!

Gluten Free Crepe Recipe


I hope you are enjoying the recipes.  The cider ice cream and apple spice cookies are one of my best recipes and I am sharing it with you hoping that you will enjoy it and please let me know if you do try it, I love to hear feedback on my recipes.

The next 5 days are going to be cleansing days for me, I will be eating very simply as I have had a lot of desserts the past couple of weeks.  I will detail some of what I am eating to give you an idea of simple, healthy, cleansing meals if you ever decide your body needs a rest from heavy foods.

Enjoy the apple spice cookies and cider ice cream!


Malissa said...

This was sooooooooooo good!! Thanks for making it and sharing!!

Tandi said...

Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it!