Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Creations

Spring Creations at The Peaceful Kitchen

Paradise Cake

I created this recipe for a family party and it was a HIT, everyone LOVED IT! My mother decided it needed to be called Paradise Cake.....

This luscious cake was made with homemade coconut pudding that was then added to a beautiful vanilla cake recipe. The Whip Topping has homemade cream cheese, Soy whip and pinapple. It was absolutely delicious! This recipe will be added to the website the end of May.

Chocolate Streusel Cake

This decadent cake is a light, moist cake with chocolate and turbinado crumble swirled throughout with a thick cinnamon crumb on top.

It was a hit at our Girl's Night Out party a few weeks ago. The cake is very moist and the subtle chocolate flavor adds a fun twist to crumb cake that chocolate lovers enjoy.

Don't miss out on the upcoming recipe collections, they have some delicious, exciting recipes!!

Apricot Tempeh Coleslaw

This is a fun, spring recipe with a delicious twist on an old favorite....apricot preserves.

It has sauteed tempeh, purple grapes and cabbage in a non-dairy mayonaise with apricot dressing.

Take this to your next BBQ, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Creamy Tempeh Salad

This is a fun salad recipe, it can be used to make Tempeh salad sandwiches or it can just be eaten on a bed of romaine lettuce. This salad has sauteed tempeh, cucumber, tomato halves and is smothered in a delicious non-dairy mayonaise sauce.

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